To blog or not to blog, to blog is the answer. Welcome.

They call me ‘Stacster’
They call me ‘Stace’
They call me ‘her’
They call me ‘Stacey’
That is my name
That is my name
That is my name

So that’s quite a good start… 🙂

  • Hello, I think you may have ascertained my name by now.
  • I’m 14 in mind (I’m 30 in true age :0 How did that happen?).
  • I am happily unmarried to my partner/boyfriend/other half of nearly 16 years (boyfriend sounds a bit silly after that long, partner makes me cringe a bit).
  • I have a brilliant family who I am very close to, my Mom is a legend. I’m lucky enough to have two Dads, a real one and a step one, both special in their own way.
  • I have two younger brothers who are both funnier and cooler than me, but I like to think I’ve helped shape them that way. 🙂
  • I work hard and luckily love my work. I deliver training for Birmingham Drug and Alcohol Action Team and I also have a business called Inspire with my business partner Lynette, a truly awesome and lovely person. Together we are going to change the world.
  • I’ve done drugs for ten years this year. I’ll explain later. I also do EFT which is amazing. I’ll explain that later too.
  • My friends are diverse and random. I have too many to dedicate much of my time to each but I love them all for their special ways. Sometimes I feel bad I can’t see them enough, but they know I’m here for them.
  • I love METAL! Although I also have guilty pleasures. I sing a lot, almost excessively. I can get ridiculous songs in my head which sometimes prob make me look and sound yampy but it’s good for the soul. Songs from musicals, cheesy 80’s, jingles, hymns, anything.
  • I overuse Facebook, smiley faces :), exclamation marks!!!!, hahaha, (brackets), and semi-skimmed organic milk.
  • I love Cooking and Food,which is a helpful combination.
  • I make my most important calls in the bath.
  • I am not sure what I would do without my laptop, Blackberry, Kindle etc.
  • I am a blogging virgin.
  • One day I will be Scrabble champion of the World.
  • Throughout writing this I have pondered the necessity of the full stop. Only after bullet points obviously. Full stops are of course necessary otherwise. Could this be my first discussion topic?? Hmmm, Kate I may be relying on you…..

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


Posted on February 5, 2010, in Random ramblings. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Charlotte Brough

    Hi Big Cuz

    When making lists using bullet points you should use full stops if the points are full sentences, and not if they are just phrases for example:

    – I like cheese.
    – Once I went to see the Tower of London.
    – I have a cousin called Charlotte who is awesome.


    Things that are cool;
    – cheese
    – the Tower of London
    – my cousin Charlotte

    I hope that this clears this matter up for you 🙂

    Char xxx

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