My Drug and Alcohol Work

I’ll be posting my rantings and ramblings about Drugs & Alcohol and anything I may need to vent about my day to day work.

I usually have a lot to say on this matter and there’s always fodder in the media to get me started!

A lot of people don’t really get what I do.

Some of my friends think I must just talk at people all day ab0ut how they shouldn’t do drugs,  just say no, drugs are bad etc. etc.

This isn’t what I do. In a nutshell I train lots of different people so that they have a better knowledge about drugs and alcohol . If they understand more, they can adjust their attitudes and hopefully this will mean that those that do become problematic users will have more people to support them.

One of the reasons I have my own business now as well as my main training job is so that I can still work with groups of young people around these issues and the related things that come with it.  Also so that I can be a bit more innovative and free in the things I can deliver without being constrained by area boundaries, red tape and the politics of working in a form filling, (overly) target driven environment which unfortunately is the reality for a lot of people working within drug & alcohol services. I prefer to be person centred and needs led and not get bogged down with the bullsh*t.

I also do EFT, not just for those with drugs and alcohol issues but for lots of different things. I think this is going to get a page of it’s own.

That’s all for now.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


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