Watching too much telly

I watch too much telly. Here are some of the things I like and the reasons why.

It’s got to go at the top.

Doctor Who

Nooooooo I didn’t want you to go David 😦 I was pretty gutted when Christopher Eccleston went too though so I am hoping I can embrace the new one.


I’m not going for the obvious I love John Barrowman thing. I do love Captain Jack but even more I want to be Gwen. I’m blonde, not Welsh and prob not fit enough to be running around Cardiff but hey 0 out of 3 ain’t bad.


Mainly because of Cook. I checked, it’s fine, he’s 20 in real life 🙂


The new series started last week. Hoorah. I’ve watched every series since it started. Chav estate lifestyle genius. Almost makes me want to give up work and sign on…..almost. Frank Gallagher is a legend.

Hmmm, I think that’s all for now….oh wait. This is why I have to stop writing…..


Happy and smiley making. Cheesy, camp, American brilliance. 🙂 🙂 🙂

There’ll be more than this, but there’s plenty of time.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


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  1. Glee is superb. I have watched all the episodes which have aired in the US so far and can’t get enough!

  2. Oh let’s start a Glee Club! People would pay to see us perform surely?!

    We could do a Glee’d up version of the whole of Pearl Jam Ten and release it on CD and DVD. 🙂

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