I heart my…. Amazon Kindle

JB bought me this for Christmas. We’ d seen it on the Gadget Show a few weeks before but I had no clue he’d managed to get me one until Christmas morning. I love reading and often get frustrated if I ‘run out of book’. This solves that problem. It is 3G Wi-Fi connected so you can download books within a few seconds directly onto it. The only flaw at the moment is that because it’s not long been available in the UK (has to be shipped from US) it means it connects to Amazon.com. You can browse for books in the same way as you would on the website via the different catergories but as it has a QWERTY keyboard you can just type the author or book you want  in and it finds it for you. Magic!

I am lazy and mainly read in bed so the best thing is that you just press a button to turn the page. There is an option for it to read to you but as I have already been concerned about this non-traditional way of reading I prefer to read the words myself, it’s the least I can do! Unless Stephen Fry was the voice, then I may reconsider. 🙂

The battery lasts ages and you can store 1500 books on it so it will be great for travelling too. You can buy accessories for it like covers to keep it safe and warm.

In conclusion I heart my Kindle. Buy one!

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


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