Seven Essential Foods I like in my tum :)


Ethically I would like to think I could go veggie but in reality….no. I love MEAT. Especially steak, especially fillet but as long as it is Medium please. Thanks.


I am a Dairy Queen. All things dairy. I battle with it but I HAVE to have milk. There’s worse addictions I’m sure but milk is mine. Weirdo.


Most cheese, I’m not fussy. I love feta, I love baked Camembert, I love Stilton (brilliant in a good steak pie or with Broccoli in a soup). When we go to the Good Food Show at the NEC we taste and buy so many different cheeses we are in cheese heaven. Mmmmmm cheese. I am much better with managing cheese cravings. The simple rule is if I don’t buy it I can’t eat it. Then it’s more of a treat when I do.


Supermarkets that put offers on these things are evil. I have zero willpower when they are around and can quite happily eat the lot in one go. They are another thing not to buy because I WILL eat them until they cease to exist. Breadsticks were also a contender for this spot.


A handy food to love as it is so good for you. I’m not too much of a salad fan but raw Spinach I can eat. Even better cooked with garlic, pepper and a bit of cream with the above fillet steak!


I should have shares in chestnut mushrooms. I cook with mushrooms a lot. One of my specialities is mushroom risotto. Always a winner and easy to just scoff down.

Baileys Haagen Dasz

I shouldn’t have to explain.


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  1. Hee yay food is awesome!! You have also just (inadvertently) discovered a blog phenomenon which is a ‘meme’ which is where you see someone blog about something and then you blog about it too (essentially!). Memes are a great way to get inspired for blog posts. Don’t be afraid to link back if something inspires you!!!!!! And here endeth the blogging lesson!!!!!! 🙂 xxx

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