Ketamine: Erm… no ta.

I talk about drugs a lot. I have to because that’s what I’m paid to do. I have to try and keep an open mind and understand why people take certain drugs and look for balance in the information I obtain and give out about them. For most drugs I get it. Weed chills you out, Alcohol can be fun and sociable, even Heroin I understand for the comfort it can give to people.

Ketamine however baffles me. When Ketamine is mentioned in the media it is always termed ‘the horse tranquiliser’. Although partially true it’s actually an anaesthetic, a dissociative anaesthetic at that. This means it can separate the mind and body leading to weird hallucinogenic experiences and a general mash up of the senses. Users can experience what is know as a K-hole which for some may be pleasurable and fun, for others their worst nightmare. They won’t know until they get there. It’s use as a recreational drug has increased in recent years and more people are using it in combination with other drugs like Alcohol, Ecstasy and Cocaine, as well as the ‘newer’ club drugs, legal and illegal, thus adding to the risks. Like these, Ketamine can be a fun experience for a lot of people and fair do’s if that’s their choice, but maybe they aren’t thinking about the damage it can do enough.

A while ago I read a good article rubbishing the horse tranquiliser tagline. Ketamine, the badger tranquiliser! Can’t see the Daily Mail reporting it like that somehow. Horses are much bigger. Panic! Dealers of a drug that can knock out a horse are gonna hunt your kids down at the school gates and force Ket up their noses against their will. Panic! Scream! Aaaaaarrgghhh!

Sorry, I shall be sensible now… As well as a veterinary anaesthetic it is used medically for us humans. Of course this means that medicinally it can be used safely, in a controlled way as with most drugs. Street Ketamine will be a different ball game of course, again, as with most illegal drugs, there’s no regulation or control of what people may be buyng so therein lies another problem. It was only made a Class C drug in 2006, before that it was only covered by the Medicines Act. As we all should know, making drug illegal does not act as a deterrent anyway. Use has increased since then so I wonder if our Government has learnt anything? (NB Ketamine is a Class C, Magic Mushrooms Class A, go and have a little think about that….makes sense? I think not.) The article I mentioned above is here.

Here are a couple of YouTube vids.

Yeah, well done it makes you look like a dick!

As well as the risk to psychological health the physical risks are becoming more apparent, especially in young users. One of the major ones is how it affects the bladder. A growing number of users are experiencing severe bladder problems. It causes scarring and ulcers on the bladder and can mean the bladder shrinks. Users will need to go to the toilet more and more frequently but also can lose the ability to judge when they need to go. Mmmmm attractive. This website explains it better.

So if there’s anyone out there thinking that Ket is a good idea, good luck to you. Stay safe and just get a bit clued up before you do.

Ketamine: Erm…no ta.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


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  1. Inadvertently took back in the day – total mess

    Crazy hallucinations – manifestations of what we were thinking and total freak out for my buddies

    Steer clear peeps

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