Seven things that rock about Facebook

Keeping in touch with my close family and friends

Non-Facebookers may say why can’t you just speak on the phone or see them in person? Well I am busy and I will see people as much as I can in real life but I like to keep in touch in between these times as well.

Keeping in touch with my old friends and work mates

Some may be afar now or I may be unlikely to see them socially but I still quite like to speak to them and know that they are doing OK.


I’ve always loved Scrabble and when the application was added to Facebook it was very joyous. Come and play with me. Making words is cool.

Being nosy

I like to nose on what other people are up to. Pure and simple.

Silly Games

I am a sucker for them. At the moment it’s all about Cafe World,  Zoo World and My City Life. Past obsessions include Car IQ, Rollercoaster Kingdom, Farmville,  Farkle, Geo Challenge, ….you get the gist.

Promoting the business

Inspire Website

As well as the website (shameless plugging below!)  having a Facebook page for Inspire has been really good for letting people know what we’re offering and for inviting people to our events etc.

Status updates

Sometimes inane, sometimes funny, sometimes just good for the aforementioned nosey parker in me. They can also help you  to see how you can wheedle down your friends list, but then I am veering into ‘Seven things that suck about Facebook’ which will be coming soon.

Happy Friday everyone, I’m off to check my Zoo.

Peace, love, empathy,

Stace x


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