Seven female ‘celebs’ I heart not

Jordan/Katie Price

Made millions from her big baps. Brilliant. If I could make millions from my mammaries I would. However, she has three children now. Sort it out love.

Big Baps

Reasons I heart her not.

  • A ridiculous pink wedding. The more ridiculous the wedding, the more ridiculous you’re gonna look when you are seen for your true colours which does not include Princess pink.
  • Cashing in on a miscarriage.
  • Slagging around in Ibiza days after splitting up with Saint Peter.  How about being there for you kids and having a bit of decency?
  • Over exposing her children to media attention, she should write a book on how to f*ck up your kids.
  • Allowing her two-year old to get false eyelashes. Maybe the photo was leaked, but even so. Wrong.
  • If none of that’s enough then, oh my God, this….

Mucho hilarity.

Amanda Holden

Have you ever read her article in Fabulous magazine? Name dropping sickliness. YUK.  How she got her own ITV show I do not know.

Peggy Mitchell

Apparently she is not real. Good. Glad they are getting rid.  I’m sure Barbara Windsor is lovely though.

Mariah Carey

Encouraged over warbling by numerous female singers performing songs that make me want to vom. They have lovely voices anyway, it just ruins it.  Hero always good for a singalong though.  🙂

Miley Cyrus

Sickly American squeaky clean pop shite. I would like to hit her. That’s terrible isn’t it? I await the sordid sex stories. Hurry up, get an addiction, pick a naughty boy, get pregnant, then I will be interested.

Jacqui Smith

Ok so not strictly a celeb but in a way. Made ridiculous decisions as Home Secretary. Ignored expert advice. Dodgy expenses claims.  Talks out of her arse.  Has my surname, how rude of her.  Boo.

Carla Romano

I'm in LA, blah, blah, blah.

If you watch GMTV you’ll know who I mean. Everything about her. Blah, blah, blah, I’m in LA, blah blah blah, when I’m in LA, LA, LA, LA, I know everyone famous in LA, blah, blah, blah, blah. Just STFU!

Ohhh I love a rant.

Peace, love, empathy (unless you’re one of the above!)

Stace x


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  1. You make me laugh 🙂

    I’m with you on some of them, especially the first one, although my interest is strangely peaked by her, she’s a train wreck that woman. There’s a strange part of me that wants to try & befriend her and get her some serious therapy. And get Peter custody of the kids. The shouty chav ‘singing’ was dead funny though.

    I was with you about Mariah. But then I saw Precious on Monday. She’s incredible in it. And she did it sans make-up, so maybe she’s not as divaish as we imagine. Or it might just be a bid for credibility xx

  2. Charlotte Brough

    I saw that animated film with Miley Cyrus doing the voice of a little girl, and I commented to the young men that had accompanied me that she sounded like she smokes 40 a day!!!

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