Seven things keeping me going whilst in bed with a stinky cold

So today it has been decided by the big man up there that I should be spending some of my cherished annual leave in bed with a stinky cold. Here are the seven things that have kept me sustained/entertained and comfy today.


I had to venture downstairs briefly at about 10 this morning as a nice delivery man had bought JB something that I needed to sign for. I believe it is fishing equipment of some description. That was to be my only exercise of the day, a nice walk down the wooden hill and then a nice walk back up to Bedfordshire. It was enough. Our bed  is warm and cosy and our cat Bean has also enjoyed lazing on it all day too. Although it’s a bit crap that I’m ill when I’m on holiday from work, if I was working I would be longing for my bed so I must remain grateful.


I tried to play some games this morning but my brain seems to be lacking just as my body is at the moment. I am due some big bingoes. I got a bit annoyed at one point whilst playing a random foreigner.

Him: Is that your boyfriend in the picture?

Me: Yes

Him: You look hot.

I did not reply and was annoyed to realise I could not cancel the game without it counting as a loss. Grr. Pisses me off on several levels. Firstly, I specifically told him that it was my boyfriend in the picture and he still felt the need to tell me I looked hot and try and sleaze. How rude. Secondly, if I wanted dodgy blokes sleazing on to me I would frequent hideous cattle market clubs to be pawed over. Scrabble is a serious business not a dating site! 🙂 Thirdly, no I’m not hot, I’m in bed freezing and look like death, not at all like my picture. What a fraud I am. I would make a great ‘before’ picture at the mo.

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Still Lemonade

Mmmm lemonny goodness. . .and I can taste the difference. Hoorah, my tastebuds are not fully deaded!

Australian Soaps

Despite me sitting in bed with the curtains closed I have been told that it has been (or could still be) snowing out there. It’s always sunny and lovely on Neighbours and Home and Away. I’m trying to justify my soap watching by making out it’s only because I am poorly and the weather is bad. That’s crap. I watch them anyway, just usually at tea time. I care not.

My Blackberry

Has allowed me to maintain contact with the world. This is not exclusive of me being poorly. It allows me to do that every day. It’s clever like that. Unfortunately there isn’t an app on it which can make me a cup of tea. Sort it out, it’s 2010!

Kleenex Ultra Balm

I’ve always thought I have the world’s most sensitive nose. When I get a cold it’s like I have permanent sunburn on it. Lovely Ultra Balm can aid  this unpleasant situation somewhat. I still end up looking like a rough and crusty nosed Rudolph though.


When JB comes home from work he is going to make me Fajitas. Mucho looking forward to hot food. Yum.

See, I feel so poorly I’m not even gonna put pictures in this post. How lazy of me.

Sneeze, sniff, cough

Stace x


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  1. 7 things to make you feel betterer.

    1. You are saving on shoe leather by not walking about much.
    2. You are saving on washing by not wearing everyday clothes.
    3. You are saving on carpets by not walking on them.
    4. You are saving on petrol because you are not driving anywhere.
    5. You are saving the planet by not driving that gas guzzling vehicle.
    6. You are saving on eating out by eating in because you are not going out.
    7. This time tomorrow you will feeling better – your mommy said. xxxxx

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