Seven reasons I am thankful today

Today I am thankful that:

1) I have  the basics everyone should have, a roof over my head,  food, warmth (a big telly, a laptop, a Blackberry, X Box, Wii, a fast car etc etc hahaha).

2) I love JB, my family and my friends and they love me too.

3) I have never been on Jeremy Kyle and am not likely to be.

4) Skins is on tonight.

5) I have a bag of Maltesers to eat imminently.

6) We’ve had some of our Inspire marketing materials printed off and they look ace.

7) I am nearly ahead with my washing, oh the womanly joy I shall experience when my basket is empty. Lame.

Short but sweet tonight.

Thanks for reading.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


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