Seven things that suck about Facebook


Facebook Displays of Affection.

I love you.

I love you more.

I reaaalllly love you.

I love you so much.

Look how much we love each other. LOOK how much we love each other. Please look? Please?

Oh… they’ve split up now….

Political Views: BNP

Oh really? You feel the need to let people know you are an ignorant piece of sh*t? No probs, carry on…….Hitler was quite outspoken too apparently, never one to hide his views. Well done.

Copy and paste statuses

Horrible illness/child murder/current media bandwagon issue (delete as applicable). 93% of people on Facebook will not copy and paste this blah blah blah…

Does anyone really think that this makes any difference? If you really do  care about the issue just donate to the cause or do something positive about it. Write to your MP, protest, whatever,  just stop clogging up status updates with it.

See who has viewed your profile apps

They. Don’t. Work.

People who cheat at Scrabble

Please don’t play me. I hate cheats!  There is no point.

Teenagers with poor English (or even worse, older people)

Now some of the teenagers on my friends list are likely to also be my family but even so. Incorrect use of the English language is something that I cannot tolerate. Just try harder please. Get a dictionary if that will help.


wiv – It’s WITH

ent- I presume ain’t but I haven’t or have not would be better

ur – YOU ARE. Two words not two letters

av – HAVE

gd  – GOOD

agen – AGAIN

Don’t get me started on their, there and they’re, I’ll be here all night.


People who insist on telling everyone how drunk they are going to get on Friday night and then spend the weekend moaning about how depressed/hungover/ill they feel. Boring. What are you, 16??

I seem to have enjoyed this post quite a lot. This is annoying too 🙂 Overuse of smiley faces. I like them though so if you have an issue with it  blog about it yourself. 🙂

Stace x


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  1. I hate people who I hardly know putting kisses on the end of everything. I am not a big fan of kisses on comments anyway, but have found myself doing it more and more so as not to offend someone who has done kisses at me. I am sure to get herpes at this rate.

  2. How intollerant of you…..

    People are entitled to their political beliefs – would you prefer Communist ?

    The rest I am wiv ya


  3. i love it how, fell right into your trap with “would you prefer Communist ?”

    win for you….

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