Mephedrone drone

Shock horror! Two teenagers die from LEGAL drugs Mephedrone (and Alcohol).

BBC Mephedrone story

Cue media hype. Ban it immediately! Noone ever uses drugs when they are illegal do they??  Our drug laws are such a deterrent anyway aren’t they? Oh please don’t give me a £60 fine, anything but that! Hmmmm.

Not being flippant about the deaths of two young men but in no report have they attributed it to Alcohol. Would they have died if they had taken just the Mephedrone alone?

Why do the Government and the media who jump on the droning bandwagon when these deaths occur not realise how ridiculous they sound?

By their logic any drugs that kill should be made illegal. Let’s just think about that. I haven’t got time to dig up the figures but thousands die every year from the legal drug Alcohol  (and of course from smoking), from the misuse of prescription medications (pedalled by dealers, or the bigger dealers, pharmaceutical companies) but they don’t create a media frenzy and make calls to ban them.

Professor Nutt’s Guardian article

In the last 6 months Mephedrone has been all over the media. I wonder if the use of it would not have escalated if they had just shut up. There’s always going to be a certain amount of people who will read the articles  and see the TV reports that it  is a stimulant with some similar effects to Speed and Ecstasy and think ‘that sounds like a good idea’. Stop hyping it up! I just got a call asking if I’d talk to a couple of our local radio stations about it. I declined, I don’t trust the media and I don’t think I would toe the party line in what I would say. I’ve said it here instead.

I’m off to deliver a drug awareness session to some 16-19 year old lads now.  I wonder what their take on the story will be.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


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  1. Great post!

    What was their take on it?

    • Thanks. Yours was better. I just had to have a quick rant before I went out to get it off my chest! One lad was from ‘up North’ and said a lot of young people were using it that he knew. None of them thought making it illegal would make any difference. I’m just trying to get it through that all drugs can be harmful if not used sensibly regardless of legality and that there’s no rocket science behind it.

      It will be so interesting to see what the toxicology reports come back with.

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