Seven Frontmen I SHALL marry at some point

Difficult to put them in an order but I shall try…..

1) Eddie Vedder – Pearl Jam

I haven’t gone for the obvious Alive video, bit cliche so here’s Porch from the famous MTV Unplugged session.

2) Robb Flynn – Machine head

He may lay me down.

This is a tamer ‘Chine head track for all you indie types 🙂

3) Corey Taylor – Slipknot & Stone Sour

Brilliant voice, does the metal roaring and growling which I am partial to but can also do more melodic vocals too. Versatile. Just like waffles.

I’ll choose not to scare some of you again so this is him doing an acoustic version of Stone Sour’s Bother. For all you Slipknot haters, he is awesome so don’t make me swear at you maggots!

4) Mike Patton – Faith No More (& various side projects)

Mad as a box of frogs but he is a genius and one of the best performers I have seen live.  Check this vid from the FNM reunion at Download last year. It was awesome and quite emotional!

5) Phil Anselmo – Pantera & Down

Ok balls to this breaking you in gently. It’s mostly about metal for me. Phil Anselmo. You wouldn’t mess with him. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

6) Fred Durst – Limp Bizkit

Not a fan of cap wearing but he gets a place just for this video….

OK I’m actually going to do this. After much thought on the impact it will have on my cred I decided I don’t give a….

7) Charlie Simpson – Fightstar

Guilty. I could be shot for putting the ex-Busted boy in the same post as Phil Anselmo but ho hum. I’m not a massive fan of Fightstar but I have seen them at festivals and was pleasantly surprised. The trouble was that when they first started playing Fightstar tracks on the radio it was too much for me. Something about his voice.(And he is 24 now btw!)

There, that was a fun post to lighten up from the ranting.

Happy Friday evening.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


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  1. Charlotte Vedder

    Hands off my Eddie!

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