Seven observations from last episode of Skins

1) Lots of top off shots of Cook. OK so I’m 11 years too old, oh well. Nice tat too.

2) I love Panda. The scene on the space hopper shouting I’m not mental – brilliant.

Panda Space Hopper Scene

3) Effy still gets on my tits.

4) Lesbians. Sort it out.

5) Freddie’s dead but prob better off dead without effin’ Effy.

6) Thomas and Pandora going to Harvard together! Yay! Happy smiles 🙂

7) Oh my God (writing as I watch!) wtf! What an annoying ending. I need to know what happened to Cook. Hurumph.

Must ring my cousin Charlotte immediately……..


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  1. You didn’t put Panda’s song in!

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