Inspired to get fit and healthy! Week One and Two

Week One Monday  7th June

So today is day one of my get fit and healthy plan.  Last night I found this website which gave me some motivation.

Zen Habits

I’ve been wanting to get fitter for ages. I don’t consider myself to eat too unhealthily  because I nearly always cook from scratch but I need to eat more regularly and cut down on some of the fat.  I hardly exercise despite a gym membership and a Wii Fit.

Therefore here are my goals:

1) Exercise more

This will be a combination of walking and Wii Fit. I am getting a bit excited about running which I would love to do but we’ll see…

2) Eat healthier

I want to eat more fruit and veg, less fat (mainly dairy) and eat regularly. I tend to skip breakfast and sometimes even lunch and then pig out in the evenings.

3) Lose weight

I’ve never really had to before but a small amount would be nice to be able to stay in my size 10’s. I have put on a few pounds lately and if I don’t something now it may get out of hand.

I’ve done OK today.

I was at Lynette’s doing some project planning and I managed to say yes to pitta bread and no to crumpets for lunch.  At 4  I went to see my Mom who is also trying to lose weight and walk more so we went for a lovely walk around our local park for about an hour.

Elmdon Park, Solihull

On our return we measured ourselves and with Mom’s encouragement (and my reaction to my weight when I got on the scales) I’m going to track my Points using Weight Watchers.

Let’s see what I can do!

Stace x

Week  Two Monday 14th June

Week one complete and so week two begins. I’ll write this against my original goals.

1) Exercise more I have made a point of walking every day (30mins) and getting on my Wii Fit. Mainly Hula Hoop and Yoga. 

2) Eat Healthier Although initially difficult I have managed to keep within my 18 points. For the next two nights I will be eating out though so that may prove more of a challenge. My dairy consumption has reduced a lot, my milk addiction is subsiding and now I see it more as a treat than a necessity.

3) Lose weight – I’m using Wii Fit to weigh myself too and I’m trying to stick to only weighing myself on a Monday. So according to Wii Fit I’ve lost 3lbs in a week. Hoorah. My Mom got me all the books and tracker etc from her Weight Watchers class so it’s like a project really to remember to write everything down and work out the points. I’ve got the Eating Out Guide too which is scary. I think it’s making me a bit boring because I keep saying things to JB like ‘guess how much a Dhansak is?’, guess how much a BK Whopper is?’. Oh dear.

My goals for this week are to resist temptation when eating out and ‘maybe’ up my walking to running.

Less Stace x


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