Inspired to get fit and healthy – Week Three

Week Three Monday 21st June

Week two complete. Mostly positive.

1) Exercise more – I have exercised everyday. On Thursday I finally got the courage up to run a bit rather than just walk. It was fun! I can’t go far yet obv but I’m deffo going to try to build up. I was more self conscious to start with which is unlike me but then I figured out it was mainly because I have two things on my front which maybe need more control. So on Friday I went to Brum and bought myself a Sport’s bra. Fancy me having a Sport’s bra! Crazy shit. I can now bounce all over the place and yet not bounce. Which I did, literally, around the bedroom when I tried it on.

As running was such fun, on Saturday I went to see my Uncle Steven who runs marathons. He kindly let me borrow his super fandangly heart rate monitor and all the software that goes with it. I have Long QT syndrome so I wanted to make sure I won’t push myself too hard. It’s the nuts! It transfers all the data on the watch to your laptop and then puts it all in lovely graphs to chart your progress. Technology! Still blows my tiny mind.

With my ever increasing motivation I went to the shop for proper runners. My cousin Vikki came with me (she runs like the wind for fun) and a lovely man made me go on a treadmill. I am not a fan of treadmills. If I go at the gym I walk on an incline but NEVER run or let go. However it was very clever because after I had embarassed myself he then had a video of the back of my legs which made the situation much better of course. Anyway, there was a point to all of it and he showed me the running shoes that would be best to support my dodgy ankles, my dodgy knees and my manly calf muscles. Despite part of them being pink I chose these.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 6

They are called Inspire too, surely meant to be then.

The next day with my new gear I worked out that running round the block is 0.8 miles so I ran until I got knackered, walked and then ran again. When I got home I had a rest and uploaded the info and then wanted to do it again, so I did.

Apparently you should have a rest  day so I am going to try and run on alternate days. My first goal is to be able to run a mile without stopping. Not sure how long this will take but I’m just going to see how I go.

2) Eat Healthier – Sunday to Tuesday JB’s brother was over from America so that meant every night was eating out. Sunday Roast dinner at my in laws, Monday curry house, Tuesday pub. I kept to counting my points though and although the curry house was the hardest I felt better for not pigging out. I am so enjoying and cherishing my food more now. Everything tastes so much better and my belly isn’t so bloaty all the time. That may be more to do with less cow’s milk. When I want some milk now I have goat’s milk which is supposedly better for you.

3) Lose weight – Well after all that I lost 0lbs at all in week two. With all that exercise as well. Ho hum. I was a bit pissed off at first but I must keep on and remember my focus is health and fitness, not turning into a stick.

My goals for this week are to run and try and beat my times round the block and to my family home and back. I need to drink more fluids as well. I’m not a big water drinker but I know I should try.

Thanks for reading my blog if you did. If you didn’t then don’t worry about it. : )

The same weight Stace with new found leg and arse muscles x


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