Seven foods that makes Weight Watchers easier

As you may know from previous posts I am watching what I eat by using the Weight Watchers Points system. Before any of you that know me start grumbling, yes I know I’m not fat but I want to literally watch what I eat a bit more closely. I am nearing the end of week three and I do feel much better for it. I am allowed 18 points a day so here are the foods that I think have helped me in times of wanting to eat naughty things.

1) Curly Wurly – 2 points.

Not a massive chocoholic usually, I love all food equally (I try not to discriminate you see! ) although I have found that now I’m eating healthily during the day I do fancy something sweet in the evening.

2) Weight Watchers Malt Loaf – 1 point

Usually when I get home from work I need a snack and this is great. Bit of Flora Light and it sorts me out until dinner time.

3) Turkey Slices – 1/2 point bargain

Good protein and lovely with Marmite on Brown Bread

4) No Sugar Squash – Free

I never drink enough and struggle with getting excited about water so squash is good. (Don’t buy that shocking Volvic lemon and lime water though. I did yesterday and worked out too late that it was 1 1/2 points and full of sugar. Volvic Fail.

5) Lovely fruit and vegetables! – A lot of veg especially are 0 points and fruit is good for sugar levels and tend to be low in points too. It’s not really soup weather but I made a nice butternut squash soup on Friday for 0 points. Stir Fries are always a winner.

6) Chocolate Mini Milk – 1/2 Point! Amazing.

7) Bird’s Eye Potato Waffles – 1 Point each.

I love waffles anyway, good for a snack or a light lunch and of course with some Marmite too!

How interesting was that!? Haha. You read it 😛

Happy Sunday people, apart from the unmentionable match of course. : (

Stace x


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  1. Wotsits are quite low as they’re baked. Weight Watchers deserts are nice. Get low fat chocolate mousee and freeze it, it’s like really posh chocolate icecream. Butternut squash cut into chips and roasted. Porridge is awesome because it keeps me full for ages.

  2. Ooh yes, I forgot about low fat chocolate mousse. I’ve been having the Tesco Light Choices one which is 1 1/2 points.

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