Inspired to get fit and healthy – Week Four

Week Four Monday 28th June 2010

…and so week four begins.

1) Exercise more – I have run. Like Forrest Gump. I’ve ran to see Mom and Tom and my in laws and round the block. I am trying to see how far I can go without stopping to walk. On Saturday when JB got home we went to have a walk around the lake at Coton Park near Kingsbury Water Park which was really nice despite being bitten to buggery.

On Sunday JB was at work so rather that sitting in bed watching Something for the Weekend  I got up and ran to see Mom and Tom. At 9 in the morning!  On a Sunday! My brother Joe was in bed (fair enough for an 18 year old) but my brother Rick had come round too as he is cycling more and was going for a ride. Me, Mom, Tom and Rick walked to Elmdon Park and then Rick went off for a bike ride. We walked all around the top of the park and did two miles. Not bad considering it was the hottest day of the year. Unfortunately the cross on the back of my Sport’s bra gave me stupid tan lines. I’m hoping to up my running and maybe think about doing another more structured sport too when I’m fitter.

2) Eat Healthier – I’m doing well on this one. I don’t really feel like I’m depriving myself and it’s good not to feel bloated from gorging myself. If anything some days I am not eating enough points because I am eating a lot of fruit and veg. I soon remedy that with a Curly Wurly and some milk though.

3) Lose weight – I have lost another 2lbs so I have lost a total of 5lb in three weeks. Not bad. Another 1lb next week and I’ll have reached my 5% goal.

My goals for the coming week are to keep at it with the running, Wii Fit when I am too tired and continue to walk rather than drive whenever possible.

Run Forrest Run.

Stace x


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