Seven of my fave Amiga games from back in the day

When I was young(er) we had an Amiga 500 and these are the games I’m going to reminisce about for your blogreading pleasure.

1) Menace

My whole family loved and played this game. How our joystick lasted I don’t know because for this one you really had to be speedy on that button. I would insert a joke here but it would most likely be wholly inapproriate regarding my skills with a joystick.

2) Thundercats

My Mom used to babysit for my best friend Stella and her sister and we would play this before school whilst I ate Marmite toast.

3) Lemmings

Probably the first game that I spent hours at a time on.

4) Speedball II

5) Alien Breed

My Stepdad Tom loved this one. It was very exciting!

6) Flimbo’s Quest

A bit cutesy but I loved a good platform game.

7) Ikari Warriors

Couldn’t decide between this and International Karate!

You can keep your X Boxes and Playstations, Amiga games will always be the best : )

Stace x


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  1. I’d completely forgotten about Ikari warriors. I wasnt very good probably. How about that one where you had to collect colours where it glug glug glug. It used to play 1812 Overture after every level. Oooo whats t called?

  2. No it was Wizball. Klax was a very very early game.

  3. Awesome post 🙂 still love playing Alien Breed and Speedball II XD

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