Shoe shopping & my new FitFlops

To begin, for those of you that may not know me so well, I hate shopping, in particular, clothes shopping, and if we’re getting pedantic, shoe shopping. Despite my gender I cannot see why people would enjoy it. I like having new things like shoes but I can’t get excited about the process. Shopping in general annoys me and my gender annoys me by conforming to the idea that we should all be shopping obsessed. Don’t get me started on sales, (untidy, disordered nervous breakdown inducing horror scenes).

Anyway, after my positive experience choosing my new running shoes at the specialist running shop I was surely on a roll. Hence on Thursday I found myself toddling off to the Cloggs shop in the Bull Ring to choose some FitFlops. I’d already looked at some on their website. They promise great things and they fit well into my current ‘try and get fit and toned and eat healthy’ regime.

I had two whole staff members to help me choose. Two! Usually in shops I have to lurk around people to try to ascertain whether they actually work there or not and then embarrass myself when it turns out they are just browsing on their lunchbreak. I chose quite quickly the Rebel FitFlops. They have metal studs on them and so of course they are very me.

I was concerned that they may rub me and blister because my feet can be a bit rubbish with new shoes. However, so far so good. They are really quite comfy and yesterday my feet still did not hurt, despite giving them a pounding around Solihull and the supermarket.  Now I’m just hoping that my buttocks and thighs of steel will suddenly emerge and I’ll look like Nell McAndrew, or Cheryl Cole with bigger boobs. Or just me but toned will do.

I’ve just blogged about shoes!

Stace x


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