The one thing that unites us is Doctor Marten’s Boots.

Doctor Marten’s Doctor Marten’s Doctor Marten’s  Boots.

Anyone remember this on the Young Ones??

My first Docs were when I was 14 and into Grunge. Tie dye skirts, big baggy Nirvana T-shirts and of course my big Docs. Unfortunately for me they were like boats on my feet as I was (am) size 7, short and skinny. But I loved them. I even loved them despite the fact that initially I had to rub leather softener into them so they didn’t rub too much. Me and my friends all had Docs, some black, some colourful, some with funky laces. Nothing is like the ones you can get today though. I still look at them and get excited. The funky ones I would love but I use age as an excuse not to. Check these out!

About three years ago I bought some Doc Marten’s sandal/flip flops, not quite as cool as the boots.  I ordered them and they didn’t arrive. A few months later my Stepdad found them behind the fence! They had delivered to my old address. Luckily they were well wrapped and they served me well. However they have been recently made redundant (‘current climate and all that!). My FitFlops have taken their place. Sorry Mr Marten but they are much more comfortable.

So maybe in the winter I will treat myself to some Docs again. Maybe these. Not until FitFlop season is over though 🙂

Stace x


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  1. I am deffo going to get some Dr Martens – I dont care how old I am. Most men buy Harley Davidsons in their mid life crisis. Women tend to have botox face peels etc – me I am going to have some Dr Martens.

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