Seven (plus one) of my fave people on Twitter

1) My Mom AKA Wendy AKA @wendy2918

Read her blog and follow her.

Wendy’s blog

When she gets round to writing a post they are usually very funny. When I grow up I’ll be as funny as my Mom.


Mom on Lady Gaga – Why oh why oh why would you wear a telephone on your head?

Mom on Teenagers who walk in the road – One day if I can be sure I wouldn’t really give them too much pain or cause too much damage, could I not just ‘bump’ into them? Just once please can I? Promise I will only run them over gently.

Mom on personal safety My Blackberry phone goes in my left cup and my slimline ipod goes in my right one.

2) My friend Ruth AKA @bintofsparkles

She follows some crazy people and likes to retweet lovely and funny things because she is both lovely and funny herself.

3) Another friend of mine Kate. AKA @allfivehorizons. I started my blog inspired (and helped) by her. She has a little human growing inside her now. Check her blog All Five Horizons.

4) A great bloke called Nigel Brunsdon AKA @injectingadvice and @Mannaz who has an excellent website called Injecting Advice who always includes me in his #followfriday shout outs as one of his imaginary friends.

5) Dr Evan Harris AKA @DrEvanHarris

Fights the fight for evidence based drug policy. Makes the other politicians look ridiculous by stating facts rather than tabloid fiction. Lost his seat in the Election which was a massive travesty. I got a tweet thanking me for stalking him. The equivalent of a celeb tweet for me, I was most excited.

6) Gary Delaney @GaryDelaney A comedian. Makes me laugh. As does his girlfriend @SarahMillican75.


I used to play around with time machines when I was older.

Somehow it doesn’t seem right to eat reformed meats, not after they tried so hard to change.

Ah, shit, I once gave Naomi Campbell a blood orange, am I in trouble too?

7) Roadrunner Records AKA @RoadrunnerRecords originally enough. They have all the great bands on their label and their tweets keep me up to date on them all. Yeaaaaaahhh!

7 ( b) Ricky AKA Ranjit AKA @RanjitBhandal

(Because I have to stick to the magic seven otherwise my OCD tendencies will freak!)

My Robin, my right hand man at the DAAT. Doesn’t tweet often enough but should do and will do when I’ve nagged him enough about how useful it is for the drug world. For all your Bhangra/football/drugs/celebrity stalking needs. He follows Katie Price unfortunately though, much to my despair. Desperate to get a celeb tweet, I hope one day he does.   When I leave work next month to go completely freestyle (lance) with Inspire I may as well lose an arm. Or a leg. : (

Oh and I suppose you should follow me too @StaceInspire.

I feel a few more blogs about Twitter coming on so watch this space.

Tweety bye

Stace x


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  1. Aw thanks for the linky love! xxx

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