How to ruin your relationship with your teen – Drug tests

So today’s Telegraph has helpfully provided some free advertising for a company that is selling drug tests which could be accessed by parents quite cheaply. I’ll hypocritically link to the article now…

Five minute drugs test ‘can tell parents if their children use cocaine’

Great! Let’s think of an scenario …

Parent suspects teen of using drugs. Firstly if a teen is unwilling to admit to (illegal) drug use then I should imagine they would be quite resisitant to a drug test anyway. Secondly if they manage to convince teen to take the test and it is positive then what? Smack their arse? Kick them out? Support them??? Inflicting a drug test on them is hardly supportive. If the relationship is strong enough and open enough then surely the teen would feel able to discuss it if they were in a bad way? For some parents a positive result will send them into a panic  but who is to say their use is even problematic? Some would say any illegal drug use is problematic but this is not the case. If a teen is using problematically, if their lifestyle is being affected by their level of use then surely trying to strengthen bonds would be more helpful than mistrust and maybe even making them feel humiliated.

Then there is the scenario that the test is negative. Parents will then hoorah but said teen will probably trundle off and get hammered on another harmful drug,  Alcohol which is far less dangerous and scary….hmm…

If  you suspect your teen is taking drugs get informed, keep some perspective, don’t panic. Talk to them, let them know that you wouldn’t be happy if they are partaking and what your concerns are but above all make sure they know if the sh*t hits the fan because of their choices you will be there for them. Too many teens are isolated from their families, left alone, vulnerable, unsupported and at risk. Drug tests will only serve to widen the gap between parents and their teens.

Peace, love, empathy,

Stace x


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