Birmingham’s New Residential Treatment Centre

Park House, Centre of Excellence, Birmingham

Today I attended the launch of Park House, Birmingham’s new residential treatment Centre of Excellence. The event was a celebration of all the hard work that has been completed by a collaboration of  various agencies including Birmingham DAAT, Birmingham City Council , Inclusion, Phoenix Futures and Midland Heart as well as service users who were instrumental in shaping the services from the very inception of the idea.

Park House actually opened in June and it was good to meet the current residents and ex-residents who have already benefitted from the Centre. It offers detoxification, stabilisation and rehabilitation including 24 hour nursing and health care, treatment rooms and testing facilities in a welcoming and supportive environment.

One of the things that grabbed my attention walking around the Centre was this tree of remembrance. Residents post their messages to people they have lost due to addiction. Too many Post It notes that show how we must continue on for the cause to prevent more being added to this tree.

In loving memory of all our friends and fellow addicts who have perished through this disease and who have now finally found peace. RIP.

During my time at the Birmingham DAAT I had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside Tony. Tony has been drug free for over six years and in that time has supported numerous other service users as part of DATUS and helped in the development of Park House.  He is now working at the new Centre as a full-time member of staff. Today his contribution and that of a fellow ex service user was honoured. They both received awards for all their hard work presented by David Skidmore of the NTA.  It is people like Tony that show how no matter what lifestyle people may have led that there is always hope, there is always a way they can become successful and overcome the hurdles society throws at them. Tony is a friend of mine and I hope that I have sufficiently embarrassed him now. Despite his successes his musical taste is still appalling. Unfortunately there is no Centre of Excellence to help people who listen to Drum n Bass.

Me and Tony Tone

The (Tory coloured) ribbon was cut and the plaque was unveiled by Lib Dem Councillor Sue Anderson who was genuine in her words of support for the work of the Centre. For more information on drug and alcohol treatment services in Birmingham anyone can call the Single Point of Contact number on 0800 073 817 and see the Birmingham Drug and Alcohol Action Team website.

Park House, putting Birmingham on the map!

Stace x


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  1. Thanks Smithy for recognizing the contributions to service user involvement and the residential center of excellence, its been a long and hard road both in my recovery and my career in substance misuse and i thank you for the support and friendship you have given me,
    you can take the boy out of the ghetto but some of the ghetto has remained in the form of my musical tastes, a small price to pay i think lol

  2. Brilliant. Lets hope a facility like this can keep that tree size down.
    Well done all companies involved, and good luck Tone! (the crap music remains in me aswell, just dont tell Stacey).

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