NCIDU 2010 – Day Two – Twitter Ye Not and Martin Barnes on The New Administration

NCIDU 2010 Day Two – October 8th 2010

Chair:  Roweena Russell, Developer and Manager, Hiwecanhelp

Twitter ye not – Nigel Brunsdon – Injecting Advice and Allison Downing – Simply Syndicated.

Presented by my Twitter friends Nigel and Allison I didn’t really need to go to this as it was more around convincing other drug workers why Twitter is a good idea for networking within the field. Most people listening in were not yet on Twitter so it was good for them to be thinking about how it may help them.

I think Twitter is actually underused in the Drugs & Alcohol field and so this was a welcome addition to the conference agenda and I hope it is something that will take off on a larger scale. Information sharing is so important especially for harm reduction messages and encouraging discussion. Twitter makes it easy!

See their brilliant Prezi presentation here.

Drugs and the new administration – Martin Barnes, Chief Executive, Drugscope

Martin Barnes delivered the afternoon’s opening session focusing on the impact the new coalition Government will have on the future of drug services. He initially gave an overview of Drugscope’s work and how they play a part in influencing policy and the importance of accurate information in the media. He reiterated the message that the impending national cuts will certainly effect drug services and then gave a history of the various Government appointments which will also affect future policy. A mention was given to the impending abolishment of the NTA and their new stance on Methadone maintenance to ‘champion abstinence focused treatment’. Whilst none of this was new news as such his tone suggested a call to arms in a sense, for us all to be prepared for the changes ahead whilst also encouraging that if people are unable to receive the treatment that they require to speak up.

See his presentation here.


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    Thanks for this, good round up.

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