Misjudging people who ‘do’ drugs! – Don’t get me wrong

This may get a bit ranty.

An issue that has again reared its head this weekend and recently is how some people who know me, including some I consider friends still don’t really understand what I do. It’s been nearly eleven years FFS! Maybe it’s because I don’t talk about it much at social occasions because of the misjudging thing, I hate people getting me all wrong. Hmmm.

Anyway, the two groups I’m going to refer to that I feel are misjudged are people who take drugs and people who work in the drugs field. (There is a crossover of course!)

People who ‘do’ drugs as in take drugs

Now I’m talking about what most of society consider ‘drugs’. Usually they mean illegal drugs. Obviously though this is not the case. Drugs, substances, whatever you want to call them can be  legal, illegal, over the counter and prescription. So really most of us take drugs. The people my work  supports are those that have suffered due to their use. My cause is to help society realise that they can treat them like humans rather than something you scrape of your shoe. People assume that if an individual uses a drug then they somehow deserve to be treated badly. If I know someone snorts Coke, I don’t treat them differently just because it’s not a choice I make. That’s their business.

People who ‘do’ drugs as in work in the drugs field

(When people ask what I do for a living I say ‘Drugs’. Then I try to briefly explain.)

For some reason, maybe an after effect of the widespread coverage in the 80’s of the ridiculous Just Say No campaign some people automatically assume that it’s about being anti drugs, that if you work in this field you just talk non stop about how drugs are bad. This is hilarious to me. I think drugs are great, without them I would be sprogged up several times over, my heart may have chosen not to work properly and when I get one of my super headaches I may not be such a well bunny. Luckily the fellow drug worker colleagues that I know are not anti-drugs either. We tend to just want people to be as happy and healthy as possible.

So to clarify….

  • I train people who may come into contact with those that have addictions so that there is less judgement. As well as helping them understand what the effects can be my main passion is to highlight the effects stigma and discrimination can have and help them to find their empathy so they can support people as anyone with a health issue is entitled to be supported.
  • I work with young people so they know their stuff so they can make informed choices whichever they may be.
  • I train staff who come into contact with people with drug problems so that they can support them more effectively. If they can do this they are more like to get treatment and therefore have more chance of recovery. This helps the whole of society.
  • I work with services users who are still in treatment,  or who have been in treatment in the past and who are trying to deal with their shit. A lot of people shy away from dealing with their issues. Problematic Drug and Alcohol users don’t have this option, sometimes because it is life or death they are choosing between.
  • I also use a technique called EFT which helps people with all sort of emotional issues, including addictions and cravings. It’s really quite effective and although I know it could help a lot of my close friends and family I do not inflict it upon them. They can ask to try it by all means.
  • 4 o clock on a Sunday morning when I’m outside a club isn’t in fact the work hours I set myself, especially now I’m self-employed. Yes I will help my friends but my work doesn’t mean I have to deal with everyone who is drunk or high. Just like if the toilets in the club got blocked a plumber reveller wouldn’t necessarily have to be the one to deal with it. .. I could think of more examples but you get my gist.
  • It’s both funny and frustrating to me that whilst most  of my work involves helping people to be less judgemental of those that use drugs that I myself can be judged so poorly.
  • Yes I take drugs. I drink Caffeine everyday, I take beta blockers everyday. I quite like a nice Co-codamol or two for my previously mentioned super headaches. Occasionally I drink the drug Alcohol which enhances a night out for me as it and other drugs may do for other people.

If anyone would like to know more about what I do please drop me an E-mail or even better speak to me face to face.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x


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