Kindle Books of 2010

On Christmas Day it was my Kindle’s 1st birthday.  Here are the books I have read this year. I’ve provided links to  the best ones.  A lot of people have asked me about whether having a Kindle is worth it and my answer is unequivocally YES!

In chronological order. . .

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – Stieg Larrsson

The third in the Millennium trilogy.  All great books, I loved Salander as a character. Wouldn’t mess with her though!

Wolf Hall – Hillary Mantel

Hard to get into but worth a read.

Blood Sweat and Tea – Tom Reynolds & More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea – Tom Reynolds

Nice easy read books. Real life accounts of an Ambulance man.

Amsterdam 2010 – Ruth Francisco

Dead Until DarkCharlaine Harris

You’ll see quite a few of  these True Blood books by Charlaine Harris in this list. Worth a read but strangely for me I prefer the TV versions. (Probably because of the nakedness though!)

Living Dead In Dallas – Charlaine Harris

Basic Dowsing – Rhondalyn Teel

I bought a dowser at this year’s Mind Body Spirit festival so I thought this book may help me to get my head around it.

Club Dead – Charlaine Harris

Mark Thomas Presents The People’s Manifesto – Mark Thomas

Coincided with the General Election. Most of this made more sense to me than any of of the existing crap we have to vote for.

Dead to The World – Charlaine Harris

Dead As A Doornail – Charlaine Harris

Definitely Dead – Charlaine Harris

All Together Dead – Charlaine Harris

The Surgeon – Tess Gerritsen

Gruesome in places as the title suggests, it’s about a serial killer in Boston. Great read.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephanie Meyer


The Silver Linings Playbook – Matthew Quick

As recommended by my bookworm cousin Charlotte. Ace.

Hide – Lisa Gardner

59 Seconds – Richard Wiseman

A self help book for those that can’t be bothered to read other self help books. I mean that as a compliment to him. Loved it.

Anyone Can Do It – Duncan Bannatyne

The tall Scottish one off Dragon’s Den. Inspirational. Makes you actually believe anyone can do it. Cliche but true.

The Help – Kathryn Stockett

This one kept popping up in my recommendations and I kept putting off getting it but I’m glad I did. Really lovely book. Interesting characters in a different setting and time to other books I tend to read. Brilliant.

One Day – David Nicholls

I liked the style of this book and I missed the characters when I had finished it.

My Shit Life So Far – Frankie Boyle

Good book, funny in parts as it should be. He’s still let me down with Tramadol Nights though.

Confessions of a GP – Benjamin Daniels

Wasted – Mark Johnson

I read as a way of switching off so rarely read that many drug related books in my spare time but this for me was my book of the year. I wish everyone would read it. This is a real life story of someone who went through so much with his drug use, offending and homelessness and has come out the other side. Awesome.

In Stitches – Nick Edwards

Soul Identity – Dennis Batchelor


The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Despite reservations it really helped me and I would go as far as to say was instrumental in my decision to leave work. This is my post about it.

The Snowman – Jo Nesbo

Scary, gripping, exciting.

Gone for Good – Harlen Coben

Harlen Coben’s book are always a good bet if you like thrillers.

The Final Detail – Harlan Coben

The Redbreast – Jo Nesbo

Not as good as The Snowman but deffo worth a go.

F**k It – John C. Parkin

Well, it’s called F**k It, of course I had to read it. Enjoyable.

An Idiot Abroad – Karl Pilkington

Oh he makes me laugh so much. It helped to watch the series as well just to picture his expressions and the amazing places he travels to.

The Last 10 Seconds – Simon Kernick

The Basement – Stephen Leather

All three of his books were quick and easy reads and cheap too. Bargain.

Once Bitten – Stephen Leather

Still Missing – Chevy Stephens

Dreamer’s Cat – Stephen Leather

and the final one of the year…

Sister – Rosamund Lupton

Really enjoyed this but the news coverage of poor Joanna Yeates made it a bit too possible.

Here’s to another year of reading some great and not so great books.

If any of you have any to recommend then I would love to hear about them.

Stace x


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  1. Charlotte Brough

    Hello – I have a few other Tess Geristen books and all of David Nicholl’s books (One Day is the weakest I think! He wrote one about a boy going on University Challenge which is awesome!) if you want a borrow. They’re in boring old paperback though I’m afraid ;). I am considering getting a Kindle now that I have no more room in my house for books.

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