Seven Hopes for 2011

These are my seven hopes for 2011.

1) Continue to be happy and healthy and inspire others to be the same.

2) That my already great relationships with my lovely man, family and friends continue to be so.

3) To further develop my work as Inspire Health and Mind including Drug Training, expanding EFT for recovery, and involving service users and volunteers.

4) To complete the Post A Week Challenge and blog at least once a week about whatever the hell I like.

5) Learn to sing properly with my Mom. We start on the 10th January at Solihull Music School. Very excited.

6) House and garden improvement.

7) Earn enough money to pay my bills and be comfortable as a self-employed free spirit.

There, that should do for now.

I’d be interested to hear your own hopes for 2011. You know where I am. ; )

Stace x



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  1. ahh stace love it xxxx

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