Why Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Some of you may know that as well as my Drug & Alcohol Training I’m also an Advanced EFT Practitioner.

Here’s a bit more about it and my reasons for doing it.

EFT was developed from a similar technique called Thought Field Therapy. It is an Energy Psychology and put simply is a combination of tapping on points of the body. Sounds a bit strange? Well yes, initally I did too when I first experienced it over two years ago now.

Never being one much for ‘out there’ fairy land ideas I hadn’t even heard of EFT so I has no preconcieved ideas. Whilst at a friend’s random tarot evening (another thing I am still unsure about) the bearded older man who had read our cards was just about to leave and was giving out his business cards. I saw on it that he helped with phobias amonst other things. The question  I asked next would prove to be an important one.

‘What do you do for phobias?’. (Not realising what I was letting myself in for!)

Now, if you thought I was strange before then you definitely will now.

‘Eggs’, I told him.

Now I think people use the term phobia quite lightly sometimes. My phobia was a true phobia. Even someone talking about eggs would make me heave or even sick. I couldn’t even say the words ‘boiled egg’ or ‘fried egg’ without a physical reaction.

He took my hand with no explanation and started tapping it. I remember in my head immediately thinking…

‘I bloody hope there’s no eggs in the fridge!’

He tapped on my head and on my face and asked me to repeat sentences and after a couple 0f minutes asked how I felt. I realised that I had relaxed. Well, to cut a long story short, within five miuntes I was actually holding a dreaded egg in my hand. (There had been eggs in that bloody fridge). I can’t repeat the words I used to indicate my amazement that it had worked but needless to say I was freaked out. Before that experience there was no way I could even begin to even think that I would hold an egg EVER!

I’m not saying my phobia was completely cured in that short time but massive progress had been made. EFT can in a lot of cases work much more quickly than other therapies and techniques. I decided whilst lying in bed that night that I wanted to be able to do that for other people and found out more about EFT and its uses. Weirdly the next day I had a Facebook request from and old school friend who turned out to own a Coaching business with her partner and they offered EFT Training. The rest, as they say, is history. As part of my training I was able to continue to delve into my phobia as well as all sorts of other issues. Due to my background in substance use I knew that it would work for that too hence I have now set up EFT for Recovery as part of Inspire Health and Mind.

Stace x


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