Skins Series 5 Episode 2 Review

Skins returned to our screens last week for its fifth series. That means it’s time for fans to become accustomed to a new set of characters, each with their own stories to tell. Last week’s episode introduced the new batch of angst ridden teens.

This, the second in the new series was the story of Rich, a 16 year old metalhead and a welcome addition. All Skins fans have their favourite and Rich is inevitably going to be mine. Can you think of any other TV programmes that have included a metalhead? I’m struggling. It’s nice to see that they are being represented finally. You can even follow the characters on Twitter.

The metal references are frequent. There’s a great scene at a party where he shouts ‘This is metal’, puts on a Slayer track and promptly gets booted out. He plays Slipknot to Grace in a scene in the record shop and Napalm Death even feature as the live act he has been looking forward to seeing. Rich’s alarm is the anthem that is Bodies by Drowning Pool. Throughout the episode and in between dialogue metal is played at intervals which has probably infuriated non – metal fans. Huey Morgan from Fun Lovin’ Criminals makes a cameo appearance in the record shop where Rich goes for his Napalm Death tickets. He’s even wearing a Download festival wristband (they’ve really put some thought into this).

The storyline begins when his best friend Alo attributes Rich’s lack of luck in the lady stakes to his inability to compromise his ‘metal’ lifestyle. Alo finds Rich a metal girl in the library who he dubs the ‘Angel of Death’. His futile attempts to speak to her are the clumsy ramblings of a shy teenage boy and result in him pretending to be really interested in a book about Incest! Alo decides Rich needs help to be more successful and enlists friend Grace to help him talk to girls.

Of Grace he claims she ‘represents everything I despise’. She is a ballet dancing gentle girl who doesn’t at all understand Rich but agrees to help him and suitably metals herself up. In the pub with her makeover complete Rich doesn’t at first recognise her in her new attire.  They get to know each other and she gets irate with his attitude and ends up singing along to Rage Against The Machine.

‘F*ck you I won’t do what you tell me’.

With the inevitability of an American teen film the girl helping the loser become less awkward with girls ends up falling for him and vice versa.

‘I don’t compromise I’m metal’.

Falling for Grace leaves him with a decision to make. Would going out with Grace really compromise his metal ethos?

In his despair Rich blows £500 (leaving me thinking how a 16 year old could afford it) on a rare vinyl and whilst deep in contemplation listening to it on his skull adorned bed he loses his ability to hear. He’s gone deaf! Ripping up his Napalm Death tickets up he pulls out a flyer for Grace’s ballet recital. He goes to watch her dancing and it brings a tear to his eye.

He tells her ‘I thought your dance was really beautiful’. (Ahhhh)

Lo and behold she conveniently has tickets for Napalm Death and off they go. The  contrast between the ballet and the metal scenes is almost poetic. He can’t hear the band but she has a great time stage diving and even gets up on stage.  The footage of Napalm Death on stage with Fur Elise playing over it was brilliant.

The next day his hearing has returned and he plucks up the courage to ask her out. As usually happens so early on in a series the viewer doesn’t get what they want. Despite their mutual attraction he ends up mumbling, she says it’s good nothing happened between them and he tells her the flowers he is holding (for her) are for his Mother and lets her walk away.

Although predictable this was a nice tale of how two people with different interests can come to understand one another and become close. A metal character like this is long overdue and in the upcoming weeks it will be great to see how the characters and their relationships develop.

\m/ Stace \m/




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