Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Recovery

Since setting up Inspire Health and Mind in 2009 particularly last year we spent a lot of time working on our marketing materials especially with regards to the awareness work with young people in schools and training staff in the community. My plan for this year was to expand the EFT side of the work I do and as well as EFT for all, EFT for Recovery.  I decided that the best way would be to set up EFT for Recovery as part of Inspire Health and Mind but as a Community Interest Company (CIC). I figured this may mean I could reach and therefore help more people in the community.

The CIC status came through last week which I was chuffed about and now it’s about getting the message out there. I’m lucky to have really great contacts locally due to my previous DAAT role as well as nationally thanks to lovely Twitter.  It’s great now I can really get the ball rolling. I had/have a fear that people would feel I was bandwagon jumping on the Recovery agenda. Speaking to someone yesterday (who knows who he is) I felt much better about this. I know I’m doing this for all the right reasons. Those that volunteer for me and the service users I have had the pleasure of supporting and working with also know what I’m all about. My background shows my passion for helping people to recover from dependency and challenging the attached stigma. EFT helps people more holistically in that it can help with all aspects of someone’s life that needs improving. I think I’m trying to justify myself too much here. There are plenty of EFT Practitioners out there but not so many who are as willing to work with a client group perceived to be more challenging, maybe even less worthy. In fact I found one EFT forum with someone who said that working with ‘addicts’ would be ‘professional suicide’! Errrrr what?? I shan’t start a rant but I’m sure you can guess what I think of that.

Masha Bennett is well worth checking out in the professional sense as she is an international trainer who has done some great work with EFT for addictions, recovery and with women in custody. She enhances the credibility of EFT as a technique as she is also a well respected psychotherapist and an NLP Master.

Here‘s a good Wired In article to have a read of which shows her in action.

You can see my own post about why I chose EFT as a technique to learn here.

Why try EFT to support Recovery?

  • Deals with a lot of issues that can be experienced by someone with a previous or current dependency and common emotions such as; Anxiety, Guilt, Fear, Sadness, Grief  as well as helping to quickly alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Encourages positive and forward thinking, great for motivation, goal setting and removing the barriers and limiting beliefs which hold people back.
  • It works a lot quicker than other forms of  talk therapies and complementary therapies.
  • EFT can be used as a self help tool, which can be empowering and allow the person to be back in control, something that those learning to lead healthier, happier lifestyles will find useful.

So we’re on the lookout for:

  • People with current or past dependency on Drugs including Alcohol who want to try something new and fun
  • People affected by the drug or alcohol use of a loved one
  • Service user groups both in the community and attached to treatment agencies
  • Drug & Alcohol treatment agencies looking for something new to offer to support positive outcomes

If you are any of the above then do get in touch and see the info flyer here.

Stace x

Twitter: @InspireHandM

Facebook: www.facebook.com/inspirehealthandmind


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