An Audience with Corey Taylor – The Man, The Legend!

It’s been a while but  I felt the need to post about An Audience With Corey Taylor at HMV Institute, Birmingham last night.

For those of you that may not know, Corey Taylor is the lead singer of one of my favourite bands Slipknot and also Stone Sour.

Now non Slipknot and metal lovers will probably think of the cliche  that metal vocals are just a screaming noise into a microphone but Corey Taylor is an amazing and diverse vocalist. This event was a bit different to usual gigs as it was to promote his new book Seven Deadly Sins.

In the first half he read excerpts from his book and really connected with the audience answering their questions with banter and  honesty. Inevitably he spoke about the death of Paul Gray, the Slipknot bassist who passed away last year.

In the second half it was just Corey and his guitar performing an acoustic set which really showed his vocal talents off.

Highlights for me included this cover of Pearl Jam’s Black…

…and an unforgettably funny rendition of the well known Slipknot song SPIT….. IT….OUT!!! This is the real version which I go loopy at when I see them live.

and this is the version Corey sang….

Brilliant. All in all well worth the ticket price and reaffirmed my adoration of the man, the legend Corey Taylor!

We are not worthy!

Stace x


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