Seven Recent Good Kindle Reads

I read all the time and yet I always forget to blog about them so… here are a few of the books I have read recently that you may or may not enjoy too.

Seven Deadly Sins – Corey Taylor

The man the legend wrote a book and it’s really great. Not just because it’s Corey Taylor either. It’s funny and makes you question what actually constitutes a sin and maybe that we shouldn’t care too much about it anyway. As long as we’re keeping ourselves and others happy and not hurting anyone else then who gives a flying?

Catch Your Death – Mark Edwards and Louise Voss

A book which will make you a bit paranoid the next time you sneeze. I think the combination of a male and a female writer works out well because it was pacy and exciting without dwelling too much on the relationships and love stories which some female writers can do and detract it away from the story. The main characters didn’t annoy me and there is always something happening. Killing Cupid is also worth a read too, plenty of twists and turns and you can’t guess how it’s going to pan out until it happens.

Unlikely Killer – Ricki Thomas

A serial killer is on the loose taking on different guises to lure victims. Lots of deaths, grim but gripping.

God Collar – Marcus Brigstocke

Would appeal to atheists and the God fearers alike. I’m somewhere between the two. He describes his own difficulty with his faith in God without being rude and disrespectful to people’s beliefs like some staunch atheists can be. I concluded that I still like to believe there is a God/power up there and feel better believing than not. Not because I have any fear that I’ll burn in hell if I don’t but I feel more hopeful and more comforted that there is a God and a lovely place called heaven than just nothing and I don’t really care about having evidence. (Which is strange considering I am an advocate of evidence and research in a lot of other areas I am interested in!)

How To Be A Woman – Caitlin Moran

Now I’m not very good at being a proper woman or what I would consider to be considered a proper woman or maybe what I hate to think is considered a proper woman! However, this book made me realise that I am quite normal and I am a feminist. That’s a bit of a terrible thing to say, of course I’ve always believed we should be equal but I’ve always thought it was just about hating men, and moaning : o As I’ve never really felt at a loss being a breasted human I didn’t really think I needed to worry much. Turns out I don’t, I can just be who I want to be which is a relief because I always have anyway!  Her stories from growing up are very funny and I think I love her. If you own breasts, read it. Even if you don’t, read it.

Sugar & Spice – Saffina Desforges

Cool name but the title misleads. It’s not at all nice. Tagline on this one is ‘the controversial psycho-sexual thriller’ which of course caught my attention. It’s a tough subject, a child’s murder and a mother’s need to find the killer and bring them to justice. It’s not a jolly read but if you like a good thriller then you’ll love it.

Truth, Dare, Kill – Gordon Ferris

Set in post war London, Danny McRae is a private investigator dealing with his past when he is set a challenge by a mysterious woman. He is to get to the bottom of a disappearance and subsequent murders in the red light district whilst dealing with some undesirable characters both criminal and in powerful positions. I liked this because of the different time period which made it distinctive.

Right, there’s just a few for you.

I will try and keep up, keep my book blogging boots going.

Thanks for reading about reading.

Stace  x


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  1. How the hell do you manage to find the time to read all these?! 😛

    • I have to read before I go to sleep every night and I’m a fast reader too. I love reading. Escapism. Switches my mind off into another place for a while.

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