The use of Emotional Freedom Technique for Recovery

This week I had the opportunity to introduce EFT to a group of service users at Park House residential treatment centre in Birmingham with great feedback. I was able to quickly help with the thoughts and emotions they were dealing with there and then including Cravings, Frustration, Stress and Agitation.

Here’s more about how it can be used and be especially beneficial for people in recovery.

Various complementary therapies and talk therapies have been used historically within drug treatment. Some work on a physical level to help people feel more relaxed and to aid the detoxification process. Others work at an emotional/psychological level. Emotional Freedom Technique does both.

EFT is an Energy Psychology which combines a talk therapy with tapping on meridian points on the body similar to the points used in acupuncture.

The tapping begins to move energy around the body. When this shifts it helps to free and clear any blockages and therefore the issues.

EFT also works on a psychological level as it is combined with a talk therapy with the use of affirmations and statements helping to tune into specific issues.

I used to use auricular acupuncture which I always felt worked well to get people in a relaxed state and feedback was always positive about better sleep, less anxiety, reduced cravings etc.

After I became a trainer I missed my one to one work and looking back on it felt that more could be done to address the emotions that were leading to drug use. By fluke I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique which helped me personally immensely with a phobia I had.

I soon got myself on the courses to become a practitioner and due to my experience in the substance use field realised how beneficial it could be. I have now been using EFT for two and a half years both on others and on myself. That is one of the other beauties of it. As well as getting to the root of issues with a Practitioner it can be used as a coping strategy day to day whenever negative emotions including Anxiety, Fear, Stress and Sadness arise and more importantly to alleviate cravings.

I set up EFT for Recovery as a Community Interest Company in order to give more people the opportunity to experience and learn the technique and whilst it’s great for everyone I knew that it could be valuable for people with goals around their own recovery.

You can see more info on EFT for Recovery on my website here. It can have really amazing results.




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