UK Recovery Summit 2011 Cardiff

Friday 9th September saw the 2011 UK Recovery Federation summit which brought together providers, supporters and people in recovery from all over the UK.

It was held at the All Nations Conference Centre, Cardiff. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and met with UKRF Directors Alistair Sinclair and AnneMarie Ward who organised the conference as well as other speakers for dinner. It was slightly daunting in some ways as there were a lot of prominent people from the field at the table but  they are all really interesting and passionate people and I appreciate the opportunity to meet people who I can learn so much from. Always nice to see my Twitter friends Nigel Brunsdon, Tim Bingham and Melody Treasure too.

We were lucky enough to have a stand there to promote training and EFT for Recovery. There was an immediate interest in EFT and it restored my faith that I should continue spreading the word. There’s an obvious need for people to have access to emotional support at all stages of recovery and EFT can help with that so I’ll keep right on and see what areas of the UK it takes me to. It was an opportunity to connect and it was great to meet so many inspirational people and hear their stories.

Speakers included:

Keith Humphreys Professor of Psychiatry at Stamford University

John Strang National Addictions Centre, Kings College London

Neil Hunt University of Kent and UK Harm Reduction Association

Carol McDaid Faces and Voices of Recovery, Virginia, U.S

Colin Wilkie-Jones Chief Executive, eATA

Bryan Morgan West Sussex DAAT and EXACT

AnneMarie Ward  & Alistair Sinclair UKRF Directors

There were two people in particular who made my trip to Cardiff even more worthwhile. Francis and Rie. I met them both separately and then found out they were husband and wife. Amazing people. Here is Rie’s Wired In blog.

Next up the Recovery Walk.



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