Quick review of the books I read on holiday

We’ve just spent 10 days in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. As planned we just wanted to chill out and as such we went to the beach most days. This meant loads of time for reading. Hoorah. I ended up reading the following 16 books. Yes 16! A beachy reading holiday. I read 11 on my Kindle and 5 real life wooden ones although the links I’ve provided are all to the Kindle versions. I haven’t the time to review them all properly but anything above 7/10 is worth a read I would say.

I’m into thrillers mainly especially if they’re not too predictable, I love a good murder. I also like funny books and the less serious self help books too.

Deffo give Dawn French a go, I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was and my new hero is Terry Ravenscroft. He is a comedy writer and I’ve previously read two of his other books Dear Coca Cola and Dear Air 2000. His humour really appeals to me.

A Tiny Bit Marvellous – Dawn French 9/10

James Blond – Stockport Is Too Much – Terry Ravenscroft 7/10

The Resurrectionist – James Bradley 3/10

How to Do Everything and Be Happy – Peter Jones 7/10

Dusk – Maureen Lee 8/10

Lethal Legacy – Linda Fairstein 5/10

Someone to Save You – Paul Pilkington 8/10

The Facebook Killer Part One  – M.L Stewart 8/10

The Facebook Killer Part  Two – M.L Stewart   8/10

The Outcast – Sadie Jones 9/10

Touch – Mark Sennen 8/10

Deadly Sanctuary – Sylvia Nobel and Christy Moeller 7/10

The Penal Colony – Richard Herley 9/10

Bullies, Bitches and Bastards -Eileen Condon & Amanda Edwards – 8/10

Stairlift to Heaven – Terry Ravenscroft 9/10

Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum 7/10

So there you go. If you were thinking about what to read next, give some of these a go.

Stace x


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