Hello November

My new idea to get me blogging more frequently is to blog about any random trending topic on Twitter.

Resisting the urge to blog about the eloquently hashtagged #10twitterpeopleIwouldbang which is currently trending I decided on…


So today is the 1st November. I got a bit excited earlier whilst I was on the phone to my Mom as it was 11.11 on the 1/11/11. I shouted…

Happy 111111111!

which she repeated to her office.

I have an interesting November coming up, I’m off to Dublin tomorrow to the National Drug Conference of Ireland and will get to see a lot of my real and Twittery what I call ‘drug friends’. You can follow my tweets from it @StaceInspire and @InspireHandM if you are so inclined and the conference hashtag is #NDCI11.

I’m also looking forward to going to The Cavern in Liverpool on the 17th for the HIT Fundraiser in aid of  The Roy Castle Foundation and Release. As I’ve got to get a hotel anyway to make the most of it I’m taking my man Ban with me too. If you want to come too (the fundraiser, not our hotel room!) then click on the ticket above.

At the end of November it’s my Mom’s birthday which means we can do nice faaaaamily things like eat and play games. We’re also going to go on a makeover day at some point in November. Neither of us are particularly girlie but I thought it might be a nice thing to do and we’ll look ace of course.

Hello November!

Bring it on.

I will only mention the ‘C’ word in December.

Stace x


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