Metal gigs weekend December 2011

After months of waiting, these two gigs were finally upon us.

Trivium at Wolves Civic – Friday 2nd December

On arrival I looked on with my confused face at Ghost whose lead singer seemed to be dressed as a scary Pope. Never one to judge a band by it’s cover (see also The Defiled) and coming from a huge Slipknot fan it would be silly to do so. They’re music was quite good but I didn’t catch enough to  fully get them. I need to take time to listen to them but due to their name it’s a bit difficult to track them down. Googling Ghost wasn’t very helpful!

In Flames were ace and just what I needed to get going. I’ll be checking out their latest album for sure.

Trivium kicked off with In Waaaaaaaaaaaaves, the title song of their recent album.

They played Departure from Ascendency which was a first I think. Matt Heafy still looks too young to be that good but he still is. Gutted I missed out on Corey’s pick which landed right next to  me but was quickly snapped up by someone younger and more sprightly than me.

Full Trivium setlist

Machine head – Sunday 4th December – Birmingham NIA

A big group of me and my mates got together to go to this.

Where's Wally (Stace)?

Some of my boys. (Bro Ricky 2nd left, my man Ban far right).

After catching half of the mighty Devildriver we retreated to the bar whilst Bring Me The Horizon were on. To be fair their music was good, the screamo vocals were not our thing at all though. I fail to see the point in people who watch the supports just to moan about them. Seems people try too hard to be cool not to be cool. You could see the older metalheads jeering or putting ther fingers in their ears. A bit unnecessary I thought. They obviously have a big following and as I often say I would rather our ‘youth’ get into (versions of) metal like this than be at a some charty shit pop band.

Anyway, onto Machine head. We’ve seen them loads of times, maybe into double figures now and they are always awesome. A good mixture of songs old and new. Stand outs from the new album were of course Locust, I Am Hell and Be Still and Know was good for a singalong. I always get very excited at The blood, the sweat, the tears live.

Full Machine head setlist

You can see some photos from the gig here courtesy of Danny’s Concerts Captured.

The best thing was despite messing my neck up at Trivium moshing all night to Machine head seemed to stretch my neck back into place and I was fine in the morning. Bargain.

So on my to do list include trying to find some Ghost to judge them properly and getting the In Flames album.

Cheers for reading.

Stace x

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