Things you shouldn’t post on Facebook according to ME!

After reading this post from Jeff Bullas ‘Things you should not share on social media’

I’ve come up with some of my own in particular…

Things you shouldn’t post on Facebook according to ME!

ANY copy and paste statuses

Most are pointless, some are sickly, some are just a front for racism.

If you have something to say, say it in your own way. They’re like a modern version of a chain letter  trying to guilt trip you into posting it on.

Copy and paste this if you love your child/mother/father/brother/sister/nan/dog/cat etc etc.

Obviously if you don’t copy and paste it you are a cold heartless b*st*rd with no feelings. Erm… actually no. I love my family and friends very much. They know this because I am there for them and I also tell them.

Copy and paste this if you know anyone who has been affected by cancer/depression/the common cold etc.

I don’t want to sound unfeeling on this but if people truly give a sh*t about an issue then why not post up a  link to a site with information or ways you can donate to the charity? Why not write a note or blog to say why this issue is important to you and why you are raising awareness of it? I care rather too deeply for the plights of people in worse situations than myself. In no way do I think that copying and pasting something into my status will help anyone. Instead I work, share and promote the causes that are important to me.

Copy and paste this if, like me you’re a racist who can’t articulate your own words.

You know the ones. They usually involves some ridiculously inaccurate Daily Mail statistics about immigrants or how our NHS  is failing because of Polish people blah blah blah. If you have a valid agrument and have checked your sources fair enough but really, try harder or just don’t post anything at all. Failing that just change your profile picture to Hitler and be done with it.

Copy and paste this if you have no ability to think for yourselves. . . You get my gist.


Now I like to laugh out loud in real life. The occasional typed lol is fine (although I am a haha-er myself) but WHY WHY WHY do people insist on using it as a punctuation? Rather than a full stop people type lol at the end of statuses or comments even when it does’t make ANY sense to whatsoever. LOL.

Just had gammon and chips for tea. LOL!

Took my car for an MOT. LOL.

Broke my leg today. LOL.


Minute details of pregnancy, childbirth, babies’ toilet habits….

I love babies, I love that some of my Facebook friends are happy to be pregnant. However, I do not need to hear about every symptom they experience from conception to birth. Even more so I don’t want to hear about placentas, the state of their child’s nappies when they do arrive, potty training fiascos or similar. The odd scan picture and a few pics after the birth for us to aaahhh at is cool. One of my Facebook friends would post a weekly picture of her little (VERY cute) baby boy and it was nice to see because you could see how he changed and it didn’t become boring as it was not complete timeline bombardment. Had she posted an update every time he had a poo that would be different!

Relationship issues

People who feel the need to live their whole relationship good and bad via Facebook. Warts and all (in fact I wouldn’t be at all surprised if people did post pics of their warts an’ all!). Now occasionally I may post a comment on my beloved’s Facebook and he on mine. Occasionally. If we want to tell each other we love each other we can do that at home. If we want a row we can use our voices to adequately convey our feelings. We do not feel the need for everyone on our friend’s list to know about it. OK so we do occasionally poke each other for fun too but that is also private!


A sure fire way to get unfriended. No more explanation needed.


42 days until I go on holiday – Repeated every day until said holiday.

Only 196 days until Christmas! I’m starting my shopping today.*smug face*  –  SAD! 

Wishing your life away

Urggh, Monday morning, roll on Friday.

Is it the weekend yet?

It nice to have things to look forward to but Facebook seems to be full of miserable people who just constantly wish their lives away. Live for the now. Yes Mondays can be rubbish but life’s what you make it. If EVERY week you just moan that it’s not the weekend then you need to be reviewing what you’re doing with your life. Get something mid week to look forward to, change your job, sort out your relationship, whatever. Embrace every day. Life’s too bleedin’ short. And if you’re having a bad day deal with it, get help from those you love but please, don’t bring us all down too!

Hangovers *yawn*and Booze Bores

It usually goes something like this…

Can’t wait to get wasted on Friday.

Having a few before we get to the pub.

Incohererent status full of typos.

Oohh why do I  feel so terrible.  I’m never drinking again.

REPEAT. Every week. Get a life or get some help.

So that’s my rant done for now. LOL. ; )

Stace x



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