I am an 18-24 year old male!

Very amused! Google thinks I am an 18-24 year old male. You can see why below. I’m thinking all the Skyrim sites I’ve been visiting may be contributing to it!

You can see your own here. How accurate or inaccurate is it for you?


This is what Google came up with for me. . .

Your categories
Below, you can review the interests and inferred demographics that Google has associated with your cookie.
Arts & Entertainment – Music & Audio – Rock Music – Metal (Music)
Arts & Entertainment – TV & Video – Online Video
Arts & Entertainment – TV & Video – TV Shows & Programmes – TV Dramas – TV Soap Operas
Arts & Entertainment – Visual Art & Design – Design – Graphic Design
Computers & Electronics – Software – Multimedia Software – Desktop Publishing – Fonts
Computers & Electronics – Software – Software Utilities
Games – Computer & Video Games
Games – Roleplaying Games
People & Society – Social Sciences – Psychology
Your demographics
We infer your age and gender based on the websites that you’ve visited.
Age: 18-24
Gender: Male
How interesting.  Big Brother is watching!
Stace x

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