Guinness Balti at Bay Leaf, Digbeth

Last night I met with Aftab Rahman, part owner of Mint in Yardley and now owner of Bay Leaf cafe and restaurant in the Custard Factory, Digbeth. We were meeting to discuss using Bay Leaf as a venue for a Twitter course for local businesses and community groups.

Of course while I was there for the first time I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try something off the menu. I overheard a customer commenting on the ‘epic’ Guinness balti he had just polished off. On the eve of St Patrick’s Day I had to go for this too and can only describe it with the same word. EPIC! It was really good. As I’ve been good with my healthier eating and running recently I didn’t want to ruin all my hard work but Aftab assured me that unlike some baltis you get in other places they do not use lots of oil which you could definitely tell. They use all authentic ingredients and never use food colourings. No bright pink masala here!

Aftab also founded Legacy WM to promote cohesion in the commmunity. He  has published a book called Bangla Food Journeys which as well as having yummy recipes you can try includes stories from generations of people from the Bangladeshi community in Birmingham, their journeys and lives here, and the food they love.

You can follow Aftab and Bay Leaf on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest offers and events @AftabRahman and @BayLeaf6 and see the Facebook page here.

So if you fancy a fusion of Brummie/Irish/Bangladeshi cuisine get down to Bay Leaf and try the Guinness balti sharpish or something else from their great menu.


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