Weeks 5 & 6 – 25 minutes, it’s a miracle!

I’ve been a bit lax with my posts I’m afraid but I’ve been keeping up with the programme. Week 5 was great, lovely weather and I chose a great route on a track at the top of Elmdon park so the runs went well. I wasn’t sure about running for 20 mins on run 3 but as always I somehow managed it. Week 6 coincided with a few days break in Cornwall. I ran run 2 week 6 on the Lizard past RNAS Culdrose with great views and the sea. Run 3 was 25 mins! I did that too! Still finding it’s me getting hot that scuppers me more than anything but my body seems to be coping OK. I’ve lost 4lbs altogether so far but 2 inches on my hips and for the first time ever managed to get some skinny jeans to fit me! Wooo!

Today I did run 1 of week 7 and ran for 25 mins none stop. The wind was conspiring against me but the rain was very welcome. Slightly disappointed with my distance though but I know the point is to get to the end of each run so I must not get despondent. Can’t wait until I can actually run 5k. It getting closer. Deffo going to do one of the official park runs at Brueton park when I’m done.

Stace x

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