April writing challenge written mostly in May : p

I said I’d do this to write more often for the April writing challenge but only did a couple so here’s them all, written on one day in May!

1) Five ways to win my heart?! Well if you won my heart I would be dead. What sort of a competition is it??

2) I feel strongly about…having a heart that cannot be won in some sort of sick competition.

3) A book I love… Time Traveller’s Wife

4 ) Bullet my whole day…

Sunday (so far)

  • Woke up man with a cup of tea
  • Spoke to my cousin on the phone
  • Popped to Tesco with man
  • Ate pancakes made by man
  • Made bread
  • Spoke to my Mom on the phone
  • Watched man cutting wood and banging making our new wardrobes
  • Ate aforementioned bread with naughty cheese
  • Sat in bed revamping blog whilst watching man work hard as above
  • Wrote this post

5) Things I want to say to an ex... I quite like you because you score me 8 but Zs and Qs are better.

6) My views on mainstream music. I wrote this a few weeks ago but it’s still in my drafts. If I have published it it will be here. If not I haven’t yet.

7) Five pet peeves… Dogs that poo, dog owners that let their dogs poo, dogs that jump up on me, dogs that bark too loudly, dogs that slobber. I don’t mind other pets ; )

8) What I ate today… See here, I actually did that one.

9) How important is education?  Srsly lyk sooooo important. Lol. Lmfao.

10) Put your music player on shuffle and write the first songs that play I did this too! Look here.

11) My family… consist of people who are related to one another and they are all ACE.

12) Five guys I find attractive Guys? What a funny word G U Y S. You know when you look at a word and it looks weird? Guys. Anyway. I don’t know many Guys. Guy Pearce used to be Mike in Neighbours although I preferred Brad.

13) My opinion on my body and how comfortable I am with it … My body is a temple. I am very comfortable with it as I am in bed and bed is comfortable.

14) What I wore today… Jeans, Stone Sour hoodie, knickers, socks. No bra because it is against my religion to wear one on a Sunday.

15) My zodiac/horoscope and whether it fits my personality… I am Leo. Apparently this means I am a lion. I have hair like a lion. So it must be true.

16) Something that I always think ‘what if’ about …What if i win the lottery?! I could go on this Mayhem festival cruise, that’s what! It WILL happen.

17) Something that I am proud of … I stopped being a lazy bum, did Couch to 5K and ran my first 5K Park Run yesterday.

18) A problem I have had… Once I couldn’t decide whether to have a Mint Aero or a Crunchie. Tough times.

19) Five items that I lust after… Design your own Converse, RIP tickets to Download festival, tickets to Mayhem festival cruise, a new projector, a new laptop.

20) My fears…The usual, anyone I love going to heaven.

21) How I hope my future will be… happy and healthy.

22) My academics… How boring. I did GCSEs and A Levels. I didn’t go to Uni because I liked home and I worked hard in my chosen field instead of writing essays about it.

23) Something that I miss…School

24) Five words/phrases that make me laugh…Pamplemousse, Blants, Floccinaucinihilipilification, I’ll have the cream of sum yung gai. I’m a poet and I don’t knorange.

25) Something I’m currently worrying about… getting this post finished before Silent Witness.

26) Things I like and dislike about myself I like my general loveliness and I dislike my teeth.

27) A quote I try to live by… A simple quote I’ve recently heard. Never give up, there’s always a way.

28) Somewhere I’d like to visit… Hampton Court Palace

29) Five weird things that I like… Scabs, peely sunburn, smooth surfaces, pygmy goats, the DALEK man on last night’s Britain’s Got Talent.

30) One thing that I am excited for… getting our new living room carpet next week.

That was a big ‘un!

Thanks for reading.

Stace x

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