My views on mainstream music

April Writing Challenge (sat in drafts until May!) – Your views on mainstream music

Hmm well this could take a while. One problem with mainstream music is that it’s just so….mainstream. I’m not even going to start on Coldplay because the last time I had a rant about them on Twittter my Klout decided Coldplay as one my specialist topics!

I would like to think I was quite open minded when it comes to music. Yes my preferences are of course metal/rock/grunge but I am not one of those people who will only ever listen to one genre and poo poo the rest. I love musicals, I’m quite partial to 80’s music, 90’s old school house and boybands!

HOWEVER (note the capitalisation!), maybe my age now dictates this is how I should think but a lot of the music in the charts today is utterly sh*te. Sometimes me and him indoors flick though the music channels just to watch in disbelief that some tracks are considered music. I’m far from a prude but I also think the music industry has a lot to answer for with the videos that are now shown. Interestingly, and though I hate to admit I agree with him on anything at all, Cameron has recently spoken out about how music videos are far too sexual.

David Cameron stepping up plans to issue age certificates for raunchy music videos

We were watching a girl bands countdown type show the other day and in the 90’s yes they were still gyrating around but doing so wearing much more material. I’ve worked with young women and men and I’ve seen the changes first hand. How the girls dress, how the boys treat them as sex objects and depressingly the girls vying desperately for their attention. It’s a lot for them to try to live up to the images they see, not just in videos but in the media in general. I would welcome a clampdown on some of these videos or at least a curfew. It’s not always just visually obscene but it’s the lyrics too. If I had a little girl there is no way I’d let her watch or sing to some of the songs that are out these days.

Wow, check me out, liberal Stace has gone all Mary Whitehouse! Shh don’t tell anyone!  ; )

Stace x

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