7 stone 6, a healthy weight?!

Since I’ve started running I have lost 1/2 stone. I’ve always been someone who when I mention eating more healthily or exercising people respond with

‘but you don’t need to’.

I’ve never been bothered about my weight or obssessive but maybe since hitting 30 and gaining a bit more bum I have been a bit more aware of keeping check on it mainly for health purposes.

With so many people experiencing difficulties and insecurities about weight I feel lucky.

Keep reading! This isn’t a smug self satisfied ‘look at me aren’t I great for being a healthy weight’ post.

At 9 stone 1 with a BMI of 22.5 I am according to the NHS website, a healthy weight.

I then stumbled on this website weightlossresources.co.uk and I input my details on their calculator…

In answer to the question ‘Do I need to lose weight?’ the advice is very different with regards to my ‘healthy’ weight.

Losing 1 stone 9lb could apparently make me feel better!  That would make me 7 stone 6!

Anyone think that losing nearly TWO stone would make me look and feel better as they suggest?

Just another thought. I am a size 10. If I lost 1 stone 9lbs what dress size would it make me? Size 6? Size 4? Healthy???

There’s also a big discrepancy with the calculator. If I input 7st 6 as my weight it thankfully tells me that I would be underweight (similarly for all weights from 7st 6 to 8st 1).


When I input 8 stone 2 it tells me I could think about losing up to 10lbs! I think you can understand the danger here.

Eating disorder anyone?

Despite some other good resources on this site I can’t help wonder how dangerous calculators like this could be to young people and those with lower self esteem, people already battling body dysmorphia and eating disorders etc.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. Hi Stace, Thank you for your Tweet, we appreciate all feedback.

    http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk use the same verified BMI guidelines as given by the NHS. As we are all different in terms of not only height and weight, we also understand that individual body shape differs greatly and is a major factor when losing weight. We therefore indicate the full healthy BMI range specific to you when giving guidance for what is a healthy weight loss, so that each individual is informed of the healthy weight range and can then decide where they are happiest for their own body shape.

    I am checking our calculator through testing and will be back to you tomorrow, but if you have any other queries in the meantime please do feel free to contact our HelpTeam on 01733 345592 or email: helpteam@weightlossresources.co.uk

    Kindest regards
    Weight Loss Resources

    • Hi Hollie,

      Thank you for responding.

      I understand the BMI framework and of course it allows for a wide range of weights to be considered ‘healthy’. To me this makes it even more important that sensitive advice is given. The main objection I have is that a specific weight is suggested to lose (e.g 1 stone 9lbs) and that I could ‘look and feel better’.

      As everyone is so different would it not be better to advise anyone within the healthy range to consult their GP who would be able to tell if losing more weight would be a good idea according to their body size? I am pretty sure that if I told my GP I wanted to get down to 7stone 6 that this would not be a healthy move.

      It is the specificity of the advised weight loss that concerns me and the wording ‘you could look and feel better’. A more vulnerable person than me could be getting themselves into an unhealthy diet situation.


  2. Hi Stace
    WLR helps people assess their weight and decide on a realistic healthy target weight that can be achieved and maintained. This approach emphasises healthy and sustainable weight loss built on lifestyle changes. Meeting NICE guidelines, we allow people to set weight loss goals within healthy weight ranges only.
    Hope this clarifies.
    Pat Wilson
    Communications Director
    Weight Loss Resources

    • Hi Pat,

      As I said in my post I do think there is valuable information for people using your website. However, as I have said to Hollie, it is the specificity of the suggested weight loss and the wording that I have a problem with. Is a size 10 being advised to lose nearly two stone really realistic?

      Also the fact that the calculator does contradict itself in that if I were to lose the suggested amount I would then be consider undeweight. I cannot see how suggesting to get to a weight considered unhealthy is acceptable to you.

      I accept the fact that people are different shapes and sizes. If I were to lose 1 stone 9lbs as you suggest (nearly two stone!), and this is exactly what the wording of your calculator results page is saying, it would make me a size 6, if not 4. I would be happy to use your resources to reach 7 stone 6lbs and post pictures of myself for people to judge how much ‘better I look’ as well as getting my GP’s opinion.


  3. Hi Stacey

    Remember that weight loss resources are a profit making company so you will get a different answer.

    We find when people reach their BMI it really becomes down to personals feeling.

    When I hit mine last year (something i had not done for 30 years) I thought just to be at 24.9 was fantastic and why would i want to lose more. After sitting at it for a few months i realised that i did have more weight to lose, I now sit at around 23.5. My scales say I could lose another 3 kilos (1/2 stone) to be really healthy but i love the way I feel and look.

    If you feel you have a bit more to lose then you can do without becoming medically underweight, if you decide you like the way you look and just want to tone you can do that as well.

    You are in the wonderful position of having choice. Really well done


  4. Hi Stace
    BMI is just one guideline to determine a person’s healthy weight range – between 18.5 and 25 – most people can find a weight within the healthy range that is healthy and can be sustained. Don’t get too hung on up lower end of range proposed…need to find a balance within the range. Pat

  5. I think the point Stacey is making is that 1) WLR are suggesting that she could ‘feel and look better’ by losing weight to reach the bottom end of her healthy BMI range – a more balanced and healthy suggestion would be that she should think about her build and frame. She could equally ‘look and feel’ better with putting some on – the phrasing you use on your website suggests that lighter is always better, which it is not, and 2) Your calculator sums are wrong. If someone blindly followed the advice on your website they could become unhealthily underweight whilst thinking they were still within their healthy weight range. This is not responsible. You should take steps to rectify this straight away.

  6. Hay, I’m 5ft 5 F and I currently weight 7Stones and 2Lbs although I sometimes go down to 7stone and 1lbs people tell me I’m underweight but when they see me they notice I’m healthy 🙂 I eat right never skip meals ever! Love my deserts now and then to keep me sane lol And workout but not excessively or obsessively I just enjoy being healthy and fit 🙂 I’ve always been naturally skinny since I was young too I was a size 6 and now I’m a size 6-8 personally people will always have something to say but it doesn’t matter how much you lose and long as you’re eating healthy getting the right nutrients and exersizing 🙂

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