Fill in the blank: Whenever I ________, I ________. . . . .

A fill in the blank challenge: Whenever I ________, I ________.

Here goes, it’s my worst habit. Please don’t judge me ; )


Absolutely no likeness to me at all but you get the gist.

My name is Stacey Smith and I am a Thumbsucker.

I need it to sleep and as I get tired, as long as my hands are clean, in it goes. I’ve tried  lot of things to stop but when it comes to it, apart from the way it messes my teeth up there isn’t enough reason to stop. There are worse habits! My sucky thumb is fatter and flatter than my other one.

I only suck my right thumb, sucking my left would be REALLY weird.


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  1. This is disgusting. Have you got some kind of developmental disorder? Were you not loved as a child (I know you were!!!)??! Is this some sick kind of sex fetish?

    I mean, who the fraggle sucks their right thumb, when the left one is soooo much more tasty!

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