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My views on mainstream music

April Writing Challenge (sat in drafts until May!) – Your views on mainstream music

Hmm well this could take a while. One problem with mainstream music is that it’s just so….mainstream. I’m not even going to start on Coldplay because the last time I had a rant about them on Twittter my Klout decided Coldplay as one my specialist topics!

I would like to think I was quite open minded when it comes to music. Yes my preferences are of course metal/rock/grunge but I am not one of those people who will only ever listen to one genre and poo poo the rest. I love musicals, I’m quite partial to 80’s music, 90’s old school house and boybands!

HOWEVER (note the capitalisation!), maybe my age now dictates this is how I should think but a lot of the music in the charts today is utterly sh*te. Sometimes me and him indoors flick though the music channels just to watch in disbelief that some tracks are considered music. I’m far from a prude but I also think the music industry has a lot to answer for with the videos that are now shown. Interestingly, and though I hate to admit I agree with him on anything at all, Cameron has recently spoken out about how music videos are far too sexual.

David Cameron stepping up plans to issue age certificates for raunchy music videos

We were watching a girl bands countdown type show the other day and in the 90’s yes they were still gyrating around but doing so wearing much more material. I’ve worked with young women and men and I’ve seen the changes first hand. How the girls dress, how the boys treat them as sex objects and depressingly the girls vying desperately for their attention. It’s a lot for them to try to live up to the images they see, not just in videos but in the media in general. I would welcome a clampdown on some of these videos or at least a curfew. It’s not always just visually obscene but it’s the lyrics too. If I had a little girl there is no way I’d let her watch or sing to some of the songs that are out these days.

Wow, check me out, liberal Stace has gone all Mary Whitehouse! Shh don’t tell anyone!  ; )

Stace x

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Put your music player on shuffle….

April writing challenge

Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play.

OK so these are the 10 that my iTunes came up with.

1. Darkness Within – Machine head

2. Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit

3. Violent Pornography – System of a Down

4. I’m not Jesus – Apocalyptica feat. Corey Taylor

5. Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden

6. By Demons Be Driven – Pantera

7. A Grey So Dark – Trivium

8. Clenching the Fists of Dissent – Machine head

and I was doing so well until…

9. Saving All My Love – Whitney Houston (off a random 80’s compilation album!)

10. Live Forever – Oasis

Stace x

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Metal gigs weekend December 2011

After months of waiting, these two gigs were finally upon us.

Trivium at Wolves Civic – Friday 2nd December

On arrival I looked on with my confused face at Ghost whose lead singer seemed to be dressed as a scary Pope. Never one to judge a band by it’s cover (see also The Defiled) and coming from a huge Slipknot fan it would be silly to do so. They’re music was quite good but I didn’t catch enough to  fully get them. I need to take time to listen to them but due to their name it’s a bit difficult to track them down. Googling Ghost wasn’t very helpful!

In Flames were ace and just what I needed to get going. I’ll be checking out their latest album for sure.

Trivium kicked off with In Waaaaaaaaaaaaves, the title song of their recent album.

They played Departure from Ascendency which was a first I think. Matt Heafy still looks too young to be that good but he still is. Gutted I missed out on Corey’s pick which landed right next to  me but was quickly snapped up by someone younger and more sprightly than me.

Full Trivium setlist

Machine head – Sunday 4th December – Birmingham NIA

A big group of me and my mates got together to go to this.

Where's Wally (Stace)?

Some of my boys. (Bro Ricky 2nd left, my man Ban far right).

After catching half of the mighty Devildriver we retreated to the bar whilst Bring Me The Horizon were on. To be fair their music was good, the screamo vocals were not our thing at all though. I fail to see the point in people who watch the supports just to moan about them. Seems people try too hard to be cool not to be cool. You could see the older metalheads jeering or putting ther fingers in their ears. A bit unnecessary I thought. They obviously have a big following and as I often say I would rather our ‘youth’ get into (versions of) metal like this than be at a some charty shit pop band.

Anyway, onto Machine head. We’ve seen them loads of times, maybe into double figures now and they are always awesome. A good mixture of songs old and new. Stand outs from the new album were of course Locust, I Am Hell and Be Still and Know was good for a singalong. I always get very excited at The blood, the sweat, the tears live.

Full Machine head setlist

You can see some photos from the gig here courtesy of Danny’s Concerts Captured.

The best thing was despite messing my neck up at Trivium moshing all night to Machine head seemed to stretch my neck back into place and I was fine in the morning. Bargain.

So on my to do list include trying to find some Ghost to judge them properly and getting the In Flames album.

Cheers for reading.

Stace x

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An Audience with Corey Taylor – The Man, The Legend!

It’s been a while but  I felt the need to post about An Audience With Corey Taylor at HMV Institute, Birmingham last night.

For those of you that may not know, Corey Taylor is the lead singer of one of my favourite bands Slipknot and also Stone Sour.

Now non Slipknot and metal lovers will probably think of the cliche  that metal vocals are just a screaming noise into a microphone but Corey Taylor is an amazing and diverse vocalist. This event was a bit different to usual gigs as it was to promote his new book Seven Deadly Sins.

In the first half he read excerpts from his book and really connected with the audience answering their questions with banter and  honesty. Inevitably he spoke about the death of Paul Gray, the Slipknot bassist who passed away last year.

In the second half it was just Corey and his guitar performing an acoustic set which really showed his vocal talents off.

Highlights for me included this cover of Pearl Jam’s Black…

…and an unforgettably funny rendition of the well known Slipknot song SPIT….. IT….OUT!!! This is the real version which I go loopy at when I see them live.

and this is the version Corey sang….

Brilliant. All in all well worth the ticket price and reaffirmed my adoration of the man, the legend Corey Taylor!

We are not worthy!

Stace x

My Scuzz TV iRock Playlist

Scuzz TV, the best music channel (because it plays proper music) had the great idea of viewers submitting playlists, the best to be played on the channnel.

I submitted 15 songs on the Scuzz TV Facebook page discussion tab that I thought would be great to hear back to back.

Create A Show On Scuzz iRock

I was chuffed to find out last night that my playlist had been picked and will be played next Saturday, 11th June at 9.00pm.

I found it on this TV schedule

So for those at you that may be interested, these are the songs that I picked…..

Machine head – Davidian
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Pantera- Cemetery Gates
System of a Down – Sugar
Slipknot – Spit It Out
Biohazard – How It Is
Metallica – One
Rammstein – Ich Will
Faith No More – Surprise You’re Dead
Hatebreed – Destroy Everything
Romeo Must Die- Defined By Enemies
Slayer- Bloodline
Unearth – Sanctity of Brothers
American Headcharge – Just So You Know
Skindred – Nobody

Scuzz TV  – Sky Channel 374 Saturday 11th June.

Watch, bang your head, singalong, bounce around!!

Stace x

30 Day Song Challenge – Day 30

Day 30 – your favourite song at this time last year

Just for the sake of getting Hatebreed in this challenge before it ends!

Hatebreed – Destroy Everything

30 Day Song Challenge – Day Twenty Nine

Day 29 – a song from your childhood

There are no words….

30 Day Song Challenge – Day Twenty Eight

Day 28 – a song that makes you feel guilty

This doesn’t make me feel guilty but the clue is in the lyrics. It’s the first concert I went to with my Dad at the NEC when I was about 8. You know you want to sing it. Go on!

30 Day Song Challenge – Day Twenty Seven

Day 27 – a song that you wish you could play


30 Day Song Challenge – Day Twenty Six

Day 26 – a song that you can play on an instrument

I’d love to play the guitar.  My  two younger brothers taught themselves and play really well but I seem to be lacking their patience. I can play a very small amount of this song.

Metallica – Nothing Else Mattters

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