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Stace’s TV Review of the week 5th-11th January

5th-11th January 2014


The second of this second series didn’t disappoint me although it divided Twitter. John got married to lovely Mary. Sherlock did a long long speech and solved a murder and an attempted murder at the same time. The series’ are too short though! The next one is the third and final of series 3. It needs to be every week. Great for comfy Sunday viewing.

Criminal Minds

Whilst avoiding watching the divisive propaganda Benefits Street on Channel 4 we watched the first in a new series of Criminal Minds. ‘Twas a grim one.  A man killing women and then eating them, put me right of my dinner. Amusingly (even though I didn’t watch it) I somehow managed to get 18 retweets on Twitter and 37 Facebook Likes on this status I put up about Benefits Street and ended up with a mass debate going on long after I had gone to slumber. Brilliant.


Last year Eastenders just irritated me. Now we have Danny Dyer. If only they’d kill off bloody Ronnie all would be well. I’m enjoying Kellie Bright in it too. She’s a lot like Angie but to me she’ll always be Sally in T-Bag *shows my age*.

I’m waiting for the return of Sonia ready for Carol’s jolly cancer storyline and Stacey’s coming back too with the bloke from Busted.

The Voice

Kylie! Image via Digital Spy.

I wasn’t going to watch it! Honestly. Then I flicked over and saw Kylie and well, it’s Kylie! There were too many sob stories that weren’t actually very good sob stories but I think I can tolerate it more than the X Factor. Man can also tolerate it because, well, it’s Kylie!

I would also review The Magaluf Weekender and Sunny Beach but that would mean admitting we watched them and of course, we didn’t.


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Not Sh*t Sherlock

He’s alive! Not that we really thought he was dead but still, hoorah.

I was most excited abut the return of Sherlock. It’s been two whole years. John Watson has a moustache to prove it. In his first scene back Sherlock is Jesus getting battered about and is then saved by his brother so he can return to Baker Street. He freaks out John (who is about to propose) in a posh restaurant with a drawn on Hitler moustache and a French accent. Martin Freeman is great, I still think of Tim and Dawn in The Office and well up. Aunt Sally was pleased Sherlock was back and eventually  John came round in the end to make friends make friends never never break friends but not until he’d been nearly roasted on a bonfire and blown up under the Houses of Parliament.

Excellent stuff.

See? My deep observations and analysis confirm why I should blog more in 2014. I’m a genius. Just like Sherlock. Only not at all.


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30 Day TV Challenge – Day Thirteen

Day 13 – Your Favourite Childhood TV Show

Byker Grove

Spuggie, Geoff man, Charlie, Noddy, and of course PJ and Duncan.  Epic storylines like the PJ/Duncan/Debbie love triangle, the pop songs and the cheesy messages taught me all I needed to know about erm…. life in a Newcastle youth club.  I went to Newcastle last year and got excited when the train went through Byker but I was devastated to learn that it wasn’t real and not filmed in Byker at all. I still feel cheated.

Noone of my age forgets when PJ went blind at paintballing!

We all know what happened to PJ and Duncan but even Spuggie was on TV recently, unbelievably she’s a grown up now too.

30 Day TV Challenge – Day Twelve

Day 12 – A TV Show That Resembles Your Life

Well it would have to be a cross between Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, The Royle Family, The Good Life and various cooking programmes. One day though I will be a Secret Millionaire.

30 Day TV Challenge – Day Eleven

Day 11 – A TV Show No One Thinks You’d Like

Oompa loompa slappers and occasionally freaky unique people get made under.  I like the bit where they get clean faces.

30 Day TV Challenge – Day Ten

Day 10 – A Guilty Pleasure TV Show

The Only Way is Essex. 

I’ve caught the odd episode here and there and ended up watching as I was just astounded they are real people. They are so far removed from anyone I would ever choose to  know. The women are shallow and stupid and the men…well they are not exactly what my idea of a man is.

Here is the lovely Amy, over made up and making up words. Bless her.

30 Day TV Challenge – Day Nine

Day 9 – TV Show With Your Favourite Actress 

Miranda Hart! I love her. I gallop like she does. Silly humour and it amuses me muchly.

30 Day TV Challenge – Day Eight

Day 8 – TV Show With Your Favourite Actor

Sean Bean. In anything but especially Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Sharpe.

Rough and Northern *rubs thighs*

30 Day TV Challenge – Day Seven

Day 7 – TV Show You Can Quote Best

The Young Ones

Hands up, who likes me?

I told you a million times, do not exaggerate.

Moan, moan, boring, just because you do a little bit of house work

Crop rotation in the 14th Century was considerably more widepread after….John

Cornflakes. Cornflakes cornflakes cornflakes cornflakes cornflakes.

So what have you done, turned it into a roller disco?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if this money was real?

Pollution, are you coming to my town or am I coming to yours?

and so on and so forth!

30 Day TV Challenge – Day Six

 Day 6 – Least Favourite TV Character

Ronnie Mitchell – Eastenders

I loved Samantha Janus in Game On but Ronnie Mitchell has always been a naus. Even when she’s in a good mood she bores me to death. OK so she’s had a few things to be miserable about but bloody hell, has she ever smiled?

The baby swap thing was a good storyline but dragged on a bit too much. Last night she gave the baby back and I felt a little sorry for her. Then I remembered it’ s not real and got a life : )

I found this fan video. I think the fact that the backing track is Leona Lewis is apt. Equally as bland and boring as Ronnie.

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