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Blogging again??!!

Last year’s resolution to blog more failed! No time, blah blah blah.

But I have so much to say!

Not making any promises but I shall try.

New habits and all that.



The Pig of Happiness

Spread a little happiness. This is awesome.

The Pig of Happiness.

Twitter is a form of SOCIAL Media – A Rant

Twitter overtook my love of Facebook  nearly two years ago. After being asked by lots of people for help I even run workshops and one to ones for people to get them cracking with it for their work. There are a couple of things I need to get off my chest though.

Automated tweets

Lately it has been brought to my attention that more (lazy/busy/far too important to interact) people are using automated tweets constantly. If you use Twitter youself you’ll notice the type of account. Endless repetition of the same posts, the same marketing messages over and over again. Yawn.

Now of course there are times when I will post something more than once but I don’t schedule for the same things to be repeated time and time again. I’ve seen accounts where there is hardly any interaction with anyone, just dry boring accounts that show no creativity or personality.

Followers for the sake of followers

There’s plenty of sites you can go on and add your Twitter handle so you get lots of followers (or false followers as I like to call them). Surely it’s better to have people following you because they are like-minded and interested in what you have to offer? I am much more likely to respect  genuinely organic accounts based on their ability to engage, interact and provide great content.  This applies for individuals, organisations, and businesses alike. Some do it really well, others not so much. Also if I tweet or follow someone, I don’t want an automated response. I don’t want a one size fits all direct message. I want a SOCIAL, friendly reply. You can’t do this if you automate all of your tweets at the beginning of a working week and just use it as tickbox marketing exercise.

Credit where credit’s due

If you see a tweet and like it, retweet and share it. Try and credit the account by using the RT facility, it’s a nice thing to do. Try not to steal other people’s ideas because that’s not very nice. If you want to make it more likely that someone will retweet you, try and keep your tweets to approximately 120 rather than the allowable 140 characters (depending on the length of your Twitter handle). You can work it out exactly if you count the characters in your Twitter handle and add 5 characters (RT plus two spaces and the colon that is added when you RT. So mine is 18).

RTspace@StaceInspire:space  = 18 characters

For example for someone to RT my tweets easily I know that I would have to keep to 122 characters.

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the interesting people (sing to the tune of yellow brick road obv).

Follow accounts that interest you and people will follow you too if you are tweeting things they are interested in and content that is relevant to them. Don’t expect everyone to follow you back and don’t feel the need to follow everyone who follows you. You may not necessarily be interested in their content or vice versa.

TASBO – Twitter Anti-Social Behaviour Order

After the success (snigger) of Anti Social Behaviour Orders or ASBOs as they affectionately known, I would like to introduce TASBOs. Twitter Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. For the bores, for the over-automated accounts, for those that create an account and never interact at all unless they want to sell us something.

Ooh, that reminds me….If your Twitter needs a spring clean use Twitcleaner, it produces a report to tell you who is worth keeping and who it may be worth clicking on that unfollow button for. Nifty.

Stace’s final thought…

Schedule a few tweets if you wish but please, constant automation, repetition, unresponsiveness and anti- social behaviour should not be tolerated. Twitter is SOCIAL media. If you can’t be bothered to be sociable go away and use something else. It’s too good an opportunity to make some great connections both personally and professionally.

Here ends this evening’s Twittery rant…

Peace out tweeple.

Stace x

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7 stone 6, a healthy weight?!

Since I’ve started running I have lost 1/2 stone. I’ve always been someone who when I mention eating more healthily or exercising people respond with

‘but you don’t need to’.

I’ve never been bothered about my weight or obssessive but maybe since hitting 30 and gaining a bit more bum I have been a bit more aware of keeping check on it mainly for health purposes.

With so many people experiencing difficulties and insecurities about weight I feel lucky.

Keep reading! This isn’t a smug self satisfied ‘look at me aren’t I great for being a healthy weight’ post.

At 9 stone 1 with a BMI of 22.5 I am according to the NHS website, a healthy weight.

I then stumbled on this website and I input my details on their calculator…

In answer to the question ‘Do I need to lose weight?’ the advice is very different with regards to my ‘healthy’ weight.

Losing 1 stone 9lb could apparently make me feel better!  That would make me 7 stone 6!

Anyone think that losing nearly TWO stone would make me look and feel better as they suggest?

Just another thought. I am a size 10. If I lost 1 stone 9lbs what dress size would it make me? Size 6? Size 4? Healthy???

There’s also a big discrepancy with the calculator. If I input 7st 6 as my weight it thankfully tells me that I would be underweight (similarly for all weights from 7st 6 to 8st 1).


When I input 8 stone 2 it tells me I could think about losing up to 10lbs! I think you can understand the danger here.

Eating disorder anyone?

Despite some other good resources on this site I can’t help wonder how dangerous calculators like this could be to young people and those with lower self esteem, people already battling body dysmorphia and eating disorders etc.

What are your thoughts?


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Beat the heat, now beating a cold

My last post was about running in the heat. Surprisingly despite the heat I managed a personal best in my 3rd official Park Run. I had to wear considerably less than usual!

Park Run 3, Personal best in the heat. Whoop!

The weather cooled down for the rest of the week so I got up to 4.5 miles on Tuesday and on Thursday I was really pleased to manage my furthest run of 5.1 miles. I went to Park Run again on Saturday before the Jubilee celebrations wearing my England shorts of course although I think the longer run less than 48 hours before had slowed me down and I was about 50 seconds off my best time. Still, have to hold onto the fact I did 5.1 miles and I have three weeks left before the race.

My 4th 5K Park Run at Brueton park, Solihull










Minor buggeration this week is that I have come down with a cold, or woman flu as I like to call it. I should be running today but as I write this I am lying in bed watching Kylie on a re run of the Jubilee concert! I also found out today that on Thursday I have to go to the hospital to have a 24 hour ECG to check on my heart (for my Long QT Syndrome). Not a bad thing but it’s a mission to the new QE. Would rather know I’m safe though. Therefore I’m aiming to get rid of this lurgy and run on Thursday while I am wearing my trace.

So other than that nowt to report! *sneeezes*

Stace x

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Lovely Jubbly Jubilee party

Yesterday, on the 2nd of June I celebrated a very special lady with my family. My Nan!

My Nan rocks.

We decided a few months ago that we would have a Jubilee party for her 77th birthday as the two coincided. She has always been a fan of the Royals and I think that has rubbed off on her grandchildren too. I’m not going to get into a pros/cons of the Royals debate, Twitter has depressed me enough with all the joyless miseries. I enjoy British traditions and I think it made it an even better excuse to celebrate a memorable occasion. Oh and of course you may know me by now, I love a theme for my nails!

Jubilee Nails.

My friend Emma solved the what to wear problem by kindly lending me a dress which I spotted her in on Facebook. This is me in it with my two ‘little’ brothers Ricky and Joe. I love this picture so much.

Me and my brothers.

I made a Spotify playlist for the occasion with one song for every year from the last 60 years. We all love music in our family and having a sing song. My cousin Charlotte filmed everyone singing ‘Two Little Boys’. I can’t post it because it’s not on YouTube but it’s probably for the best, haha. My stepdad Tom made a big box covered in Union Jacks which we used as a DJ stand i.e. something to put the iPad and speakers on.

Jubilee party Spotify playlist

We didn’t want Nan to have to faff around so we all made something to bring, her only instructions were to make a trifle.

I made Jubilee Battenburg from this recipe from Wright Little Baker

Jubilee Battenburg cake

I also made some red velvet cupcakes with buttercream and some nifty icing Union Jacks , sorry Union FLAGS I got from Icing World.

Jubilee Cupcakes.

Man being a man wanted to make something meaty so he made BBQ pulled pork from the most recent Good Food magazine. Plenty of opportunity for pork pulling jokes.

Mom made a ton of this amazing warm potato salad with blue cheese. Nom nom. Quite jealous she got to make it into bubble and squeak today with the leftovers. Other foodie mentions, my  Uncle Steven’s marinated chicken, the spicy one was my fave, my cousin Emily’s sausage rolls and not forgetting my cousin Liz’s cheese and pineapple on sticks! A party isn’t a party without something on cocktail sticks!

Despite the weather not being perfect the rain stayed away for the afternoon. My Nan has a pretty massive garden so we put two gazebos up and got on with it. My Mom got too cold in the end and went and stole a blanket off Nan’s bed. She will thank me for posting this.

Mom keeping warm in the British weather.

My naughty cousins managed to get behind everyone without them noticing with flags. This is the moment they caught us.

Me and my man Ban. Naughty minxy cousins in the background!

Fran my brother’s girlfriend took all these ace photographs. We went to her exhibition on Friday night, you can see her website here.

We added candles (a ‘2’ and a ‘7’) to Nan’s trifle and sang her happy birthday. By then I was sporting my Mom’s hat and a leather jacket donated by Nan’s friend, even my hot blood gave in in the end!

This is a photo of the full rabble (Minus my Aunt and cousin who are on holiday).

Me (second right) and my family.
Photograph by Francesa Hancox

This says it all for me. God bless the Queen of our brilliant family.

Nan’s Facebook status. Yes she’s on Facebook!

Hope you had a lovely jubbly Jubilee too.

Stace x

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My views on mainstream music

April Writing Challenge (sat in drafts until May!) – Your views on mainstream music

Hmm well this could take a while. One problem with mainstream music is that it’s just so….mainstream. I’m not even going to start on Coldplay because the last time I had a rant about them on Twittter my Klout decided Coldplay as one my specialist topics!

I would like to think I was quite open minded when it comes to music. Yes my preferences are of course metal/rock/grunge but I am not one of those people who will only ever listen to one genre and poo poo the rest. I love musicals, I’m quite partial to 80’s music, 90’s old school house and boybands!

HOWEVER (note the capitalisation!), maybe my age now dictates this is how I should think but a lot of the music in the charts today is utterly sh*te. Sometimes me and him indoors flick though the music channels just to watch in disbelief that some tracks are considered music. I’m far from a prude but I also think the music industry has a lot to answer for with the videos that are now shown. Interestingly, and though I hate to admit I agree with him on anything at all, Cameron has recently spoken out about how music videos are far too sexual.

David Cameron stepping up plans to issue age certificates for raunchy music videos

We were watching a girl bands countdown type show the other day and in the 90’s yes they were still gyrating around but doing so wearing much more material. I’ve worked with young women and men and I’ve seen the changes first hand. How the girls dress, how the boys treat them as sex objects and depressingly the girls vying desperately for their attention. It’s a lot for them to try to live up to the images they see, not just in videos but in the media in general. I would welcome a clampdown on some of these videos or at least a curfew. It’s not always just visually obscene but it’s the lyrics too. If I had a little girl there is no way I’d let her watch or sing to some of the songs that are out these days.

Wow, check me out, liberal Stace has gone all Mary Whitehouse! Shh don’t tell anyone!  ; )

Stace x

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April writing challenge written mostly in May : p

I said I’d do this to write more often for the April writing challenge but only did a couple so here’s them all, written on one day in May!

1) Five ways to win my heart?! Well if you won my heart I would be dead. What sort of a competition is it??

2) I feel strongly about…having a heart that cannot be won in some sort of sick competition.

3) A book I love… Time Traveller’s Wife

4 ) Bullet my whole day…

Sunday (so far)

  • Woke up man with a cup of tea
  • Spoke to my cousin on the phone
  • Popped to Tesco with man
  • Ate pancakes made by man
  • Made bread
  • Spoke to my Mom on the phone
  • Watched man cutting wood and banging making our new wardrobes
  • Ate aforementioned bread with naughty cheese
  • Sat in bed revamping blog whilst watching man work hard as above
  • Wrote this post

5) Things I want to say to an ex... I quite like you because you score me 8 but Zs and Qs are better.

6) My views on mainstream music. I wrote this a few weeks ago but it’s still in my drafts. If I have published it it will be here. If not I haven’t yet.

7) Five pet peeves… Dogs that poo, dog owners that let their dogs poo, dogs that jump up on me, dogs that bark too loudly, dogs that slobber. I don’t mind other pets ; )

8) What I ate today… See here, I actually did that one.

9) How important is education?  Srsly lyk sooooo important. Lol. Lmfao.

10) Put your music player on shuffle and write the first songs that play I did this too! Look here.

11) My family… consist of people who are related to one another and they are all ACE.

12) Five guys I find attractive Guys? What a funny word G U Y S. You know when you look at a word and it looks weird? Guys. Anyway. I don’t know many Guys. Guy Pearce used to be Mike in Neighbours although I preferred Brad.

13) My opinion on my body and how comfortable I am with it … My body is a temple. I am very comfortable with it as I am in bed and bed is comfortable.

14) What I wore today… Jeans, Stone Sour hoodie, knickers, socks. No bra because it is against my religion to wear one on a Sunday.

15) My zodiac/horoscope and whether it fits my personality… I am Leo. Apparently this means I am a lion. I have hair like a lion. So it must be true.

16) Something that I always think ‘what if’ about …What if i win the lottery?! I could go on this Mayhem festival cruise, that’s what! It WILL happen.

17) Something that I am proud of … I stopped being a lazy bum, did Couch to 5K and ran my first 5K Park Run yesterday.

18) A problem I have had… Once I couldn’t decide whether to have a Mint Aero or a Crunchie. Tough times.

19) Five items that I lust after… Design your own Converse, RIP tickets to Download festival, tickets to Mayhem festival cruise, a new projector, a new laptop.

20) My fears…The usual, anyone I love going to heaven.

21) How I hope my future will be… happy and healthy.

22) My academics… How boring. I did GCSEs and A Levels. I didn’t go to Uni because I liked home and I worked hard in my chosen field instead of writing essays about it.

23) Something that I miss…School

24) Five words/phrases that make me laugh…Pamplemousse, Blants, Floccinaucinihilipilification, I’ll have the cream of sum yung gai. I’m a poet and I don’t knorange.

25) Something I’m currently worrying about… getting this post finished before Silent Witness.

26) Things I like and dislike about myself I like my general loveliness and I dislike my teeth.

27) A quote I try to live by… A simple quote I’ve recently heard. Never give up, there’s always a way.

28) Somewhere I’d like to visit… Hampton Court Palace

29) Five weird things that I like… Scabs, peely sunburn, smooth surfaces, pygmy goats, the DALEK man on last night’s Britain’s Got Talent.

30) One thing that I am excited for… getting our new living room carpet next week.

That was a big ‘un!

Thanks for reading.

Stace x

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Put your music player on shuffle….

April writing challenge

Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play.

OK so these are the 10 that my iTunes came up with.

1. Darkness Within – Machine head

2. Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit

3. Violent Pornography – System of a Down

4. I’m not Jesus – Apocalyptica feat. Corey Taylor

5. Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden

6. By Demons Be Driven – Pantera

7. A Grey So Dark – Trivium

8. Clenching the Fists of Dissent – Machine head

and I was doing so well until…

9. Saving All My Love – Whitney Houston (off a random 80’s compilation album!)

10. Live Forever – Oasis

Stace x

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Writing more often!

Inspired by my friend Kathryn‘s post I’m going to try and do a few of these in April so I get a few more posts on this here site. I’m not going to do them all, or in order but maybe just pick the odd one when I feel like it. Why not do it too?

Stace x

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