About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here’s a few things about me that may be interesting for you to know…or not.

My Life

  • I live with my partner/boyfriend/other half of 20 whole years (boyfriend sounds a bit silly after that long, partner makes me cringe a bit) and our cat Bean. We first got together at school. He has a splendid beard now.
  • I have a brilliant family who I am very close to, my Mom is a legend. I’m lucky enough to have two Dads, a real one and a step one, both special in their own way.
  • I have two younger brothers who are both funnier and cooler than me, but I like to think I’ve helped shape them that way.
  • My friends are diverse and random. I have too many to dedicate much of my time to each but I love them all for their special ways. Sometimes I feel bad I can’t see them enough, but they know I’m here for them.
  • I love Cooking and Food, which is a helpful combination.

My Work

  • I’ve been working in the drugs and well-being field  for nearly 15 years. (I know, I know, I don’t look old enough) I like helping people and helping people to help themselves, and helping people to help other people.
  • I deliver training about drugs to all ages as well as supporting  the well-being of anyone who needs a bit of help using Emotional Freedom Technique.  I set up Inspire  Health and Mind  to enable me to do this. You can see more about my work here.


  • I love METAL, the heavier the better. I love going to gigs and having a good mosh! You can see my music posts here. I also like alternative 90’s tunes that remind me of my teenage years.
  • I also have other guilty pleasures. I sing a lot, almost excessively. I can get ridiculous songs in my head which sometimes probably make me look and sound yampy but it’s good for the soul. Songs from musicals, cheesy 80’s, jingles, hymns, anything.


  • I overuse Twitter, Facebook, smiley faces :), exclamation marks!!!!, hahaha, (brackets), and semi-skimmed organic milk.
  • I make my most important calls in the bath.
  • I am not sure what I would do without my laptop, Kindle Fire, phone etc.
  • One day I will be Scrabble Champion of the World, come and play me on the Facebook app

Thanks for visiting. Check out my posts, feel free to comment.

Peace, love, empathy

Stace x

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  1. Yay!! Welcome to the blogosphere! Let me know if you need any help xxxx

    • Oooooh I have a whole comment, so exciting! I really should be doing some work but need to work all this out now. Just trying to find how to put the things on the right. I want it like you have with the different headings for things like books and music etc. I feel a new obsession coming on…. oh dear x

  2. I want to do one. How do you do it then. I could talk about complaints and knitting and wiiing.

  3. hi stacey… i think i do similar work to you… and reading your stuff we are coming from similar place… (not geographical place,,, thinking place) oh and we both overuse )(*!..< stuff :0)
    i too re tweeted social work request for training!! couldnt work out how to put comment… but wanted to say 'i could do that' too!!!!
    would be interesting to talk to you some time…! do you go on wired in too… not enough young people specialist on there!! so if ya fancy being an ally check it out.
    i wrote an article a while ago for ddn about young people and therapeutic respite if you wanna check it out.. to see if we might share some thinkings! i work in camhs at the moment.

    • Hi, Thanks for your comments. I am on Wired In but maybe need to check in more. I thought that social work article was interesting too. I have trained quite a lot of social workers in the past and just last week social work students who I’ll also be taking to visit the drugs service and YOT as part of their training. It’s amazing the work social workers do in this area without an adequate understanding. I’ll follow you back on Twitter now too so we can keep in touch.

  4. Facebook – search Johnny Colins
    “Hey,im 31 and I havn’t took heroin for 8 months — in 1995-96 my granda Collins passed away and not soo long later my granny Collins passed also.I didn’t understand death properly,so first I hit the drink and although it made me ‘escape’ but who ever I was with they wud carry me to my mums front door,b4 pressin the door bell and runnin away.then I tried a lil smoke of Heroin out of curiosity n.after bout 30seconds I got this warm,relaxin,nice feelin surge thru my body.I was able to think bout my grandparents deaths w/out gettin emotional.I’d found the miracle cure to my grieving n other crippling hurts! A snippet-from the start

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